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WeWork Santiago Chile comparison to other coworking spaces in the city

It’s exciting news to see that WeWork is now going full speed in south America as well, with planned new branches in Santiago de Chile. One of the offices will open soon in 2018 and is located in the swanky area of Las Condes. It fits nicely with the metropolitan and startup community within Santiago. The second one that has been just announced will be located at Mariano Sanchez Fontecilla.

In this article, we will discuss how the WeWork Santiago openings will add to the coworking scene in Santiago, and also go over some differences between what you can expect from WeWork in comparison to the current operating coworking spaces.

Current situation of coworking spaces in Santiago Chile

Santiago is hailed as the startup capital of Chile, accounting for nearly 90 percent of all startup activity. Start-Up Chile which is the country’s most recognized startup body is located in Santiago boasting of almost 1300 startups, many of them are foreign entrepreneurs who have been lured by the program to build their startup in Chile and help the local startup ecosystem grow. Not just startups, Santiago also attracts a host of investors and capital to the region because of being a booming hub.

As per StartupBlink, the global startup ecosystem map and research center, Chile ranks 33 globally and Santiago ranks 53 which is a strong ranking for a South American city. Read our startup ecosystem rankings report here for other global rankings. Currently, although there are coworking spaces in Santiago, there is still a need to have more spaces to support the startup community. More and more startups are now choosing Santiago as their work destination.

According to Coworker, there are 35 coworking spaces in Santiago. The most popular ones are Launch Coworking, Edge Cowork, Conectas, Co-Work LatAm, The Hall Cowork and few others. The Launch, Edge and Co-Work LatAm all have multiple branches across the city. Additionally, Co-Work LatAm is also present in other Latin American countries like Colombia and Uruguay.

All these coworking spaces have contributed significantly to the startup and entrepreneurial culture at Santiago by hosting entrepreneurs and professionals. Although there are many local coworking chains, there is none that has a global presence. And WeWork fills this gap by hitting the bull’s eye.

WeWork Santiago

WeWork Santiago Las Condes office is nice and big with all basic amenities true to all WeWork locations like common areas, high speed internet, conference rooms, ability to hold professional & social events, phone booths for sound proof video and audio conferencing, brainstorming space, game lounge, meditation and wellness room, etc. It has an inviting lobby and beautiful interiors with a nice mix of different types of seatings and working spaces. It is located in the midst of the hustle bustle of the city making it very well connected to shopping malls, restaurants and transport options.

Although a bit pricey, working at any WeWork location always has added benefits like networking with the right people, having access to more events, special discounts on their WeWork Store for various tools and softwares for customers, beautiful coworking space, etc. With more than 270 WeWork offices globally, they have the expertise and know-how of managing all coworking needs. Additionally, working from WeWork creates a great impression on clients and investors alike.

Startups must be able to leverage such great opportunities without worrying about costs. Use our offer to get 15% discount on any WeWork location.

Happy coworking!