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WeWork Coworking Discount Offers and Promotions

WeWork, a StartupBlink partner and the world’s biggest coworking global chain is now offering StartupBlink members up to 15% discount on dozens of WeWork office locations. Firstly, a quick introduction about WeWork and the benefits of joining their coworking space is due. WeWork was started by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey. And is effectively creating hundreds of coworking locations in cities around the world. Their expansion rate is massive, they have received billions in investment, and are giving a lot of boost to the coworking trend. Currently, WeWork is located across 414 locations in 80 cities globally. Here is a quick article about the benefits of using a WeWork coworking space.

Working at WeWork is more expensive than any of your local coworking spaces because at WeWork you get lots of chances to network with prospective team members, clients, investors and even co-founders. Using this discount opportunity now can be very beneficial for your business as this offer may expire soon. Whether you are a startup, enterprise or an entrepreneur, WeWork offers all types of seating spaces to make you comfortable. Also, most WeWork offices are already present in major cities of the world and if it’s not present in your city already, it may be in pipeline and open soon. By applying as a StartupBlink member, you are not only entitled to up to 15% discount, but also more possible opportunities are available. In some locations, based on capacity, WeWork also offers those who apply via our discount link a few additional benefits.

What are the factors that are considered to a WeWork discount?

WeWork is not just a coworking space but also a community of entrepreneurs. By working at WeWork, you get the access to their strong community and also the ability to raise awareness about your own product to its members. By using the 15% discount offer, you can significantly reduce your costs of working and networking.

Other than upto 15% discount, when you apply through StartupBlink, you also stand a chance to get two to three months free WeWork access on purchase an annual space. All these extra perks are based on certain conditions. Once you sign up for the discount here, you will be provided with a free tour of the WeWork office of your choice.

Here are some factors that will allow additional room for specific discounts when you are discussing closing a deal with WeWork-

Number of team members – Needless to say, if your startup has a group you may be able to get more benefits. The larger the group, the more the perks. Always inquire with WeWork when you plan to take a subscription for a group at their spaces.

The amount of time you commit to a space – WeWork is just like other establishment and they love long term commitment. When you sign up for a longer contract like an annual subscription, your chances of receiving benefits increases.

Working out of dedicated spaces – You can also receive more privileges when you take designated dedicated offices. Designated spaces contrary to hot desks can also be more beneficial for your business since they can reduce your distractions when working with your team and also provide you more brainstorming opportunities.

Newly opened spaces – WeWork is announcing new locations as we speak. It’s growing at an exponential pace. For their new offices, WeWork provides more incentives to get the ball rolling. It might be worthwhile to check if there is a new location in your city. Inquire with WeWork about all the benefits you can receive by signing up for that place.

Reach out to WeWork after signing up to check your eligibility for the above benefits. These offers are time sensitive and will expire soon. They are also based on the availability at the WeWork location that you select. Sign up through the StartupBlink website to get all these benefits.