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startup pitching online: benefits and StartupBlink Pitching Online event

The ability to pitch and communicate your project effectively is critical for any startup founder on the path of getting clients, team members and investors. A great pitch can convince quickly and leave no doubt about the value of the idea. By participating in a pitching event, founders can gain the necessary knowledge, get valuable advice and pitch their startup to dozens of people who are building their own products and facing the same obstacles.

One of the ways that startup founders can present and test their idea, is by joining an online startup pitching event. StartupBlink has been organizing these events for a very long time and can assure the best experience to participants, whether they stop by to pitch, give feedback or just observe the whole process. It is a unique opportunity to refine your idea and message based on honest advice from dozens of participants and expert mentors from a variety of industries without spending a dime.

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Why Half of All Startups Fail Within the First Few Years

There’s a well-cited statistic that has plagued the business world for years: nearly half of all startups will fail within five years. Of course, every entrepreneur that has a great idea for a product or service never believes that they’ll be one of those people who don’t make it. But when one of two business owners never see their business succeed, the odds are stacked against you. To tip the statistic in your favor, it’s best to analyze why those businesses fail. Understanding the mistakes of failed startups can help you avoid the same dismal fate. Here’s why half of all startups fail within a few years: 

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Managing taxes as expat startup entrepreneurs

There’s a complexity to making things seem easy. Athletes practices for years to be able to execute a specific movement effortlessly. The most minimalist apartments hide flawless storage systems. And the handle of your favorite coffee mug, the one that fits in your hand just so, is the result of hours of research and design work.
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StartupBlink Work Jams- Pomodoro sessions online via telegram

Working alone is difficult to many people. There are various ways of countering it, one of which is going to a coworking space (StartupBlink’s partner, WeWork provides up to 15% discount to get you started). However, coworking only provides you with a working environment, and not actual people to work with.
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Startup Open Innovation Strategies

In today’s tech age, Open Innovation has become a necessity. While there is still little less willingness for it, Open Innovation is largely synergistic and symbiotic process beneficial to all. Open Innovation is defined as the process of taking ideas from outside to benefit a business or an innovation process that allows knowledge to flow between organizations. It is the converse of a traditional R&D approach. Open Innovation heavily relies on external ideas and technologies. R&D or closed innovation was the most preferred method of innovating earlier when there was lesser connectivity, communication and collaboration. But with changing times, smarter corporations are quickly adapting their strategies to be more inclusive of open innovation. We at StartupBlink have been early adopters of Open Innovation and have facilitated several meaningful discussions between corporations and innovative startups.
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