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Top 5 Coworking spaces in Haifa

Israel is an already well-established startup hub. While most startup activity in Israel happens in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Haifa is soon becoming an upcoming destination for startups, entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors, coworking spaces etc. Technology and innovation are areas where Haifa ranks high. Lots of coworking spaces have also opened up recently to support this bustling startup culture. Israeli government is very involved in developing the startup ecosystem in the country and has invested a lot in R&D, innovation and tech. WeWork, the global coworking giant has also marked its presence in the city by opening a coworking space in 2018, and is offering StartupBlink’s members up to 15% discount by using this link.

On StartupBlink, a global startup ecosystem map and research center, Israel ranks 4 globally on the strength of its startup ecosystem. Haifa ranks 161 globally in the cities ranking, and 3rd in Israel after Tel aviv and Jerusalem. Haifa is home to the highly prestigious Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, which is why it boasts of a tech and innovation vibe. Matam Tech Park, which is the largest and oldest business park in Israel is also located in Haifa. Several giant hi-tech corporations like Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Philips, etc. are located in this Matam Park. IBM Haifa Labs are located in the University of Haifa.

Most coworking spaces in the city have emerged in the past 3 years as the startup scene is still growing. Till now, a lot of coworking in Haifa happens in cafes and hence there are few official coworking spaces.

Google map Haifa Coworking listing includes 5 coworking spaces in Haifa :

In this article, we will go over the 5 most interesting coworking spaces we have spotted in Haifa:


hiCenter was the first coworking space that opened in Haifa in 2008. It is a part of hiCenter Ventures which is a VC and entrepreneurial campus for startups in all stages. The coworking space is called topCenter and it is subsidized for entrepreneurs. Being a part of a VC, at topCenter you get easy access to mentors, professional counselors, workshops, lectures, social gatherings and more. You can select from a variety of sitting options as per your needs. By becoming a member, you can sign up to be a part of Haifa Entrepreneurship Club.


In-Vent was established by the Youth Center of Haifa Municipality. To join In-Vent, entrepreneurs need to go through an application process to be accepted to use their coworking space and community. Along with being a coworking space, they also offer business mentoring, lawyers, meetings with investors, professional advisors, professional events, workshops and lectures by leading people from the industry. They also offer consulting services to startups that can help startups in going to the next level. In-Vent is spread across ​​300 square meters and is located in the heart of the city having easy access.


Like WeWork, Regus is a multinational corporation that provides a global workplace. In Haifa, they have a coworking space at the Matam Tech Park. The coworking space is located on the 8th floor. Since its a global coworking chain, their Haifa coworking space is large and beautifully designed. Matam Park already houses big names like Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Philips, etc. By becoming a Regus member, you get networking opportunities with global startups and entrepreneurs.

Wise Coworking

Wise coworking is run by MATI Haifa, which is a non-profit organization for the commercial, financial and technological success of Small/Medium Businesses (SMB) and Startups. MATI Haifa has more than 25,000 businesses under their portfolio. Wise Coworking is a 170 square meters coworking space that has 10 offices and a conference room. It provides occupancy based on time-sharing monthly or hourly basis.

Haifa is still developing as a startup hub after Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel. More and more coworking spaces are coming up to support a growing entrepreneurial community. While traditionally, cafes were the unofficial coworking hubs, global giants like WeWork and Regus have started taking keen interest in Haifa startup ecosystem. The 5 coworking spaces mentioned above are not an exhaustive list of coworking spaces that have come up in the city. If there are any more that you feel other spaces that you feel, we’ve missed out, drop us a comment on this article.

To explore a coworking space in your city, check Coworker, a coworking space directory that lists out 9000+ coworking spaces with friendly communities in 160 countries.