What are Pantheon companies?

StartupBlink believes in the power of success stories and their psychological impact on creating an entrepreneurial mindset. The strength of startup ecosystems lies in the diverse range of projects and players, and, from now on, “Pantheon companies” as well.  Pantheons are both present and former unicorns that made a substantial impact on the international level.

Such companies revolutionized industries, inspired the creation of other projects and added to the local economies. Their success stories persist despite the fact that the company has no longer the same importance. In order to evaluate the power of location in Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report, we will take into account unique supernovas that stood the test of time and are continuing to influence the startup ecosystem in various ways.

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Startup ecosystem development consulting

The governments and municipalities around the world are starting to understand that startup ecosystems are the new oil and it is the resource to invest in and create wealth. Public sector entities are starting off by putting tremendous amounts of money into startup ecosystem development. However, as we have learned working with dozens of governments and municipalities as part of Ecosystem Partnership program, they are committing a fundamental error.

First and foremost, thinking that enormous investments are the only thing that is needed to have a thriving startup ecosystem without any prior understanding of what works the best for different startup ecosystems and, most importantly plan or structure. Such information is critical and should include deep layered research on both, similar locations to yours and the past of your startup ecosystem. Nevertheless, it should be taken into account that every startup ecosystem is different and it changes according to regions. 

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Startup ecosystem global influencers and leaders

We are great believers of startup success stories and a psychological influence that it has on the ecosystem. To help create these success cases and share them, there must be individuals working on the development of the ecosystem and connecting part between its players. 

Such individuals, often called influencers are people who have unique importance on the startup ecosystem on the grounds of their work, personal projects or interpersonal skills. Leaders are responsible for creating opportunities for people to meet and connect. With an increasing interest in startup ecosystems due to global success stories, we have noticed a growing number of individuals that want to lead local ecosystems. 

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The best startup cities in Africa

When thinking about the best startup ecosystems, Africa usually isn’t among the most talked about as mega hubs in the USA and Europe are taking the spotlight. And, without a reason! Despite being a relatively young startup ecosystem and its infrastructural challenges, Africa is showing that it is ready to jump into the startup ecosystem train and become a go-to place for entrepreneurs and startup founders. 

In this article, we will go over the 10 highest ranked African cities and celebrate their victories.

To determine which cities should be included in the list, we used the newest Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report by StartupBlink that analyzes startup ecosystems in 1,000 cities and 100 countries. 

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The best startup cities in Europe

Europe boosts with cities that can offer excellent conditions to startup founders, including talent pool, affordable resources and high quality of life. Some of the places have been on the entrepreneurs’ radar for a while, while others are just starting to capture their interest. In this article, we will present 10 highest-ranked European cities.

To find out which cities are the best places to run a startup, research company StartupBlink analyzed startup ecosystems in 1,000 cities and 100 countries and published a Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report. The country and city rankings have a total score, which is the sum of 3 columns measuring the following: quantity, quality, and business environment. 

According to Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report 2019, Europe continues to fare well, with 19 countries (including Russia and the UK) in the top 30 countries club. Other than that, there is a strong presence of CEE (Central and Eastern European) countries, affecting 5 out of the top 25 countries. All CEE countries either gained or maintained their ranking despite intensifying competition from other emerging economies. 

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