EP-5: A deep dive into Croatian startup ecosystem

In this episode, we talk with Hermes Arriaga, the founder of ImpactHub, coworking space, with whom we met in Zagreb, Croatia. 

As a native Mexican that has been very much involved in his local startup ecosystem, Hermes shares his insights on the Mexican and Croatian startup ecosystems. He also discusses the cultural differences that foreigners face in Croatia and the present entrepreneurial mindset of the local community. Everything comes in the form of his own experience, so you will get a more authentic trip between two different yet goal-oriented ecosystems!

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How to promote your startup ecosystem?

Just like private-owned businesses promote their products and services, startup ecosystems are not an exception and need to spread the word about their activities, players, and victories. There are dozens of tools to get your startup ecosystem in the spotlight, including mapping your startup ecosystem, generating reports, participating in the startup conference, writing about your ecosystem and, of course, joining forces with startup ecosystem development companies, like StartupBlink that can provide all the tools to boost your startup ecosystem visibility and exposure to the community of thousands. 

So, in this article, we will further discuss a few high-impact methods to advertise and promote your startup ecosystem.

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startup pitching online: benefits and StartupBlink Pitching Online event

The ability to pitch and communicate your project effectively is critical for any startup founder on the path of getting clients, team members and investors. A great pitch can convince quickly and leave no doubt about the value of the idea. By participating in a pitching event, founders can gain the necessary knowledge, get valuable advice and pitch their startup to dozens of people who are building their own products and facing the same obstacles.

One of the ways that startup founders can present and test their idea, is by joining an online startup pitching event. StartupBlink has been organizing these events for a very long time and can assure the best experience to participants, whether they stop by to pitch, give feedback or just observe the whole process. It is a unique opportunity to refine your idea and message based on honest advice from dozens of participants and expert mentors from a variety of industries without spending a dime.

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The Importance of Promoting and Marketing Your Startup Ecosystem

Although often seen as abstracts, startup ecosystems are real products that, like any other project, need marketing to exist and flourish. Successful ecosystems offer their players tangible and intangible advantages that are equally beneficial to everyone; therefore, it is critical to promote your startup ecosystem and make sure to create a positive perception of what such an environment can offer to talented people and encourage them to stay and create in the city.

Given that private companies are more focused on internal investment, it is up to public sector institutions, such as municipalities or economic development corporations, to step in and do the important work on spreading the news about their local ecosystem. Nevertheless, we understand that startup ecosystem promotion can be complicated. The lessons we are sharing here are based on working with dozens of public sector organizations via Startup Ecosystem Partnership program focusing on the promotion and mapping of ecosystems. 

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WeWork Labs Innovative Platform Review

With the increasing number of WeWork locations and members using this world’s famous coworking space brand, WeWork has decided to take a step further and offer entrepreneurs to join a very interesting initiative- WeWork Labs.

Eligible members can join this innovative platform with a slight increase in the regular price of their coworking package. Nevertheless, that should not stop you from enrolling and making the best use of this program because StartupBlink members are entitled to use WeWork cheaper. Our community can now book a free tour and receive up to 15 % discount. For more details, click here.

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