Best Practices for Hardware and IoT Startups

Like most startups that begin the journey being bootstrapped, hardware and IoT startups face greater challenges as compared to software startups. Launching hardware and IoT products is not only time and resource consuming, but can sometimes require a learning curve that tests the startup’s adaptability to changes in technology.

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Pitching is an art and startups need to master this art to make their startups successful. Whether it is pitching in front of investors or prospective clients, entrepreneurs have to convince quickly and clearly why their idea/solution is relevant. Being in the startup space is not just competitive but also crowded and with the launch of so many startups globally, a lot depends on how founders and entrepreneurs pitch their products. brings an innovative solution to help anyone who wants to pitch. Their product offers the ability of recording a video with the slides side by side so it seems like you are presenting your deck in person.

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What is a Startup Ecosystem?

Startup ecosystems are on the rise globally and it is equally relevant for various types of players. Entrepreneurs are looking for the ways to boost business and social life with new opportunities and connections, governments are trying to promote local economy, corporates want to find a place to open a new branch, and all the other players in the ecosystem, including coworking spaces and accelerators too, are coming with their individual goals and play their role to succeed. Startup ecosystem is a chain composed of unique players that cannot survive without one another.

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