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StartupBlink has launched the second edition of its quarterly Startup Ecosystem Summit. On Tuesday 26th January attendees will be joined by some of the world’s strongest experts and leaders in startup ecosystem development, to learn and share knowledge on what it takes for cities and nations to create an environment where entrepreneurship and wider economic […]
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A startup guide on the 10 fastest growing startup ecosystems in the world, highlighting the most significant regional and emerging startup ecosystem developments right now. (Based on the top 50 cities in the StartupBlink Global Ecosystem Report) In this article, which complements our annual Global Ranking Report, we want to emphasize the strength of innovation […]
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myQuest coaching and training platform is an interactive software commonly used by enterprises and business owners. This platform enables business owners to engage their clients and employees in a digital environment. Most enterprises today have realized the importance of this platform in running their daily training and onboarding processes.
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Usability testing is a critical part of any app or website development process. With so many software products in the market, usability testing softwares have peaked, helping developers identify issues directly from users. However, the usability testing software market is still not very experimental in terms of offering different approaches of user testing. Userfeel is […]