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Top 10 Coworking Space Directories

Top 10 Coworking Space Directories

With growing number of coworking spaces all over the world, coworking directories have become a necessity for anyone who is looking for a coworking space to work in. The potential clients looking for coworking are entrepreneurs, freelancers, travelers and anyone who wants to upgrade their work experience and is tired working from home. Coworking directories take different approaches in featuring spaces, some are showing maps focusing on the location of those spaces, others provide specific filters you can use to find your perfect space (e.g. suitable for pets, public transport accessibility and more). The filters and extra information are specifically relevant for coworking spaces as they are trying to differentiate themselves and cater for different niches. Coworking owners therefore would be wise to list themselves on as many directories as possible to make sure they receive maximum visibility to potential clients.

We sifted through a long list of coworking directories to bring you some of the best ones. All the directories are free to list on, but some of them might charge a premium for advertising your space and additional coworking space management tools.

Best coworking directories


Number of Spaces: 431

Wework is expanding so fast in the world that you can look on its list of hundreds of locations as a directory of its own. With presence in more than 80 cities, and various cities added each year, you will probably find high quality coworking experience in one of their spaces in your city. WeWork is giving up to 15% discount among other perks and free tour to StartupBlink’s members, you can claim it here.

Google Maps

Number of Spaces: 10,000+

You can not beat Google when it comes to finding a coworking space. Although not coworking directory, searching for “Coworking (((City Name)))” on google maps will give you a detailed map with all coworking related results with information about each coworking space. Google displays basic information about the spaces such as their opening hours, addresses, website and reviews. This one is my personal favorite when I am looking for coworking space while traveling, google maps is just great!

StartupBlink (@StartupBlink)

Number of Spaces: 1350

StartupBlink’s global coworking directory allows travelers and professionals to get in touch with coworking spaces. Coworking spaces can list their current capacity, utilities and news related to the space. You might also want to check out how each space ranks as compared to others. StartupBlink also provides specific ccoworking marketing partnerships available for coworking spaces and accelerators owners.

Coworker (@Coworker)

Number of Spaces: 8000+

Coworker is by far the most comprehensive and best (in our humble opinion) Coworking directory out there. +8,000 coworking spaces can’t be wrong, and you can easily book one free day trials and other goodies you will not be able to find anywhere else. If you are looking for a place where community meets coworking, that’s the one.

Pickspace (@_pickspace_)

Number of Spaces: 35+ countries

Pickspace it’s a booking platform for office space around the world you can find your next office space in a second by filtering it by your specific needs. In addition, Pickspace also developed a white label management app for community and for real estate – take a look.

Workfrom (@workfrom)

Number of Places: 20+ countries

Workfrom is a crowdsourcing coworking platform which encourages its community to find and share coworking spaces. They actually focus on places where people can get work done. These can even include coffee shops, cafes, coworking spaces and other types of shared environments. For their community of members who locate spaces, there is a leaderboard to know who has scouted how many places.

Nomad List (@NomadList)

Although Nomad List is not a coworking directory, you can still find coworking spaces in a city on their website. Nomad List is a crowdsourced database of the best cities in the world to live and work remotely for Digital Nomads, based on cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics. To specifically check coworking spaces in any city, search for that city and click on “Coworking” tab to see a directory of spaces. Nomad List is a great website to know the entire working dynamics of cities globally.

Coworking Wiki (@coworkingwiki)

Number of Spaces:  2000+

A premier resource on all things coworking, Coworking Wiki was set up by Tara Hunt and Chris Messina. One of the main components of the project is the coworking directory, that can be edited by all space owners. The directory lists basic details of coworking spaces such as contact information, opening hours, pictures of the space and website and social media links. Apart from the directory, the Wiki has a whole page dedicated to coworking resources such as blogs and media coverage, associations and groups, coworking tools and conferences. What’s more, it also provides a list of country-specific directories (such as Coworking Spain, Espace Coworking and and global coworking directories (some of which are listed here) for reference.

One of the initiatives of Coworking Wiki that spaces and coworkers can benefit from is the Coworking Visa. It enables members of a particular coworking space to use other spaces that are part of the Coworking Visa program for free for a certain number of days (as decided by the space, though the default is three).

Copass (@WeCopass)

Number of Spaces: 562

Copass endeavours to make global coworking hassle-free for both clients and space owners. The premise is simple: coworking spaces register themselves on the platform for free. Clients select the number of days they want to work for and the space. Once they check-in, Copass takes care of the transaction, and charges spaces 6% fees for the same. If a space charges clients on a daily basis, they ask them to provide a discount for Copassers. They also create monthly invoices for spaces and help create custom charges for add-on features. Coworking space owners can list amenities offered, rates and pictures of the space. There is also an option for clients to leave reviews of spaces they’ve been to and offer recommendations.

LiquidSpace (@LiquidSpace)

Number of Spaces: 2000+

LiquidSpace lists private offices and shared spaces in USA, Canada and Australia. It allows coworking spaces to list their amenities, venue highlights and contact information.One of its unique offering is the DASH License (Direct Agreement for Space Hosting) that helps coworking spaces reduce legal expenses and hassles associated with traditional leasing agreements.


Whether you’re a traveler or coworking space owner, it is important to know these coworking space directories. They will keep you updated on the latest developments in the coworking space, and save you a ton of time. We’ll keep updating this list with more directories!

Meanwhile, we hope this overview of coworking directories was helpful for you to get started listing your space. We’d love to know your experience with coworking spaces, and if you’re a space owner, then the different ways you use to boost the visibility of your coworking space!