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Top 7 Coworking spaces in Santiago

Latin America is soon becoming an innovative hub for startups. Topping amongst all the Latam cities is Santiago which is attracting startups, investors and accelerators alike. To support its budding startup ecosystem, many new coworking spaces have sprouted in the city offering plush offices, around-the-clock coffee, great conference rooms and yoga/gym facilities. As a strong signal that Santiago is becoming a coworking hub, WeWork, the global coworking giant have decided to open 2 coworking spaces in the city.

StartupBlink, a global startup ecosystem map and research center, ranks Chile 33 globally in amongst all countries and Santiago ranks 53 amongst all cities world over. In Chile, 90% of startup activity happens in Santiago. Great government initiatives and startup programs like Start-up Chile are attracting entrepreneurs both global and local to set up their base in Santiago. The coworking community is developing fast to support the startup culture.

Coworker, a coworking space directory that lists out 9000+ coworking spaces with friendly communities in 160 countries, has 42 coworking spaces in Santiago.

Google map Santiago Coworking listing includes the following coworking spaces in Santiago:

In this article we will go over the 7 most interesting coworking spaces we have spotted in Santiago, some of which are also listed on StartupBlink Santiago’s Coworking map:

WeWork offices have also sprouted in Santiago. Trademark to WeWork style, all offices are spacious with inviting lobby, beautiful interiors and basic amenities like conference rooms, ability to hold professional & social events, phone booths for sound proof video and audio conferencing, brainstorming space, game lounge, meditation and wellness room, etc. Joining the WeWork community has several benefits like access to the right network of members who have the potential to become prospective clients, team members, advisors, co-founder and investors. WeWork is aggressively expanding globally and now might be a great time to become a WeWork member. Use the link above to get up to 15% discount on any of WeWork locations.

LAUNCH Coworking
Boasting of 900 members in their network already, LAUNCH coworking has 3 coworking spaces and are on the verge of expansion. Beautiful large offices in the centre of the city, all LAUNCH spaces are easily accessible. They conduct many networking events and workshops regularly and have a great team onboard that is helpful and supportive of its startup community. Additional services like administrative services and business and tax management are also present.

Conectas Coworking
Located in the centre of the city, Conectas offers beautiful office for coworking. With clearly demarcated areas for conversations and silent working, Conectas strikes the right balance to networking and productive working. Started by seven co-founders, Conectas also provides a commercial and tax address for your office.

Urban Station
This is a global working chain also located in other countries like Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Egypt. In Chile, they have 4 coworking spaces in Santiago and 1 in Concepción. All of their 4 spaces in Santiago are elegantly designed with sleek and modern offices for entrepreneurs. They provide additional services like laptop locks, bicycles, private security services, etc. which are hard to come across in other coworking chains. Urban Station also offers auditoriums at few of their locations which are great for conducting workshops, seminars and conferences. Since they are located in other countries as well, you can interchangeably work at any of their other locations without additional cost.

Cowork LatAm
Cowork LatAm is located in 2 other Latin American countries (Colombia and Uruguay) other than Chile. In Chile, they have 10 locations in Santiago and 1 in Puerto Montt. They are the largest coworking space in Chile and focus strongly on community building which is validated by the fact that almost 60% of Cowork LatAm members have done business together.

Santiago Makerspace Spa
This is not your typical coworking space. It is specifically catered to designers and inventors. Because of their niche market, they have developed and created a huge community of entrepreneurs and makers. They have large areas that are well equipped with all the tools (like 3D printers, soldering equipment, laser cutters, drills, grinders, etc.) needed for creating products. They often hold workshops tp get their entire community together.

Edge Cowork
This coworking chain places special emphasis on organizing events regularly. They conduct several workshops, talks, meetups, networking events, game nights, etc. They are also open to new ideas of events that support and build the entrepreneurial ecosystem. They have 3 locations in Santiago.

Overall, the coworking scene in Santiago is continuously evolving and there are new spaces opening soon. The 7 coworking spaces mentioned above are just the tip of an iceberg. Santiago is bustling with Chilean startup activity and it already has numerous coworking spaces. If there are any more that you feel other spaces that you feel, we’ve missed out, drop us a comment on this article.