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We started StartupBlink because we felt that something was missing in the ecosystem. Founding a startup is a lonely endeavor, and it seems to us that startups are mainly focused on what they do, and only come to the surface when they need something ( e.g. investor or employees). We want to create a community that is oriented toward cooperation, sharing information, and mutual accountability.

Let’s start with the obvious benefits that StartupBlink is offering for you, as a founder:

  • Find Startups to partner with: Looking for startups to invest in, collaborate with, or simply curious to see the state of startups in the world? Are you looking for startups from a niche or particular industry startups? Our Startups tab shows startups ranked by their popularity, and it can be filtered by the industry most relevant to you.
  • Find a coworking space: Need a coworking space for yourself or your team? Need to find a convenient space so you can work on the go? Check out this massive list of the best coworking spaces around the globe.
  • Find an accelerator: Looking for the right startup Accelerator? Browse hundreds of Accelerators around the globe and filter them by your preferences.
  • Find startup influencers and leaders: Are you looking to identify the movers and shakers in your startup ecosystem? We have mapped who we consider the Global and Local startup Leaders around the globe. Can one of them be your next startup advisor? The Leaders section also includes our own StartupBlink local City Partners in dozens of chapters around the world.
  • Find startup organizations: Looking for relevant Startup Organizations in your city aimed at helping the ecosystem grow and thrive? Connect to them via our Startup Organizations tab!

Finished browsing the map? Here are a few additional recommendations of StartupBlink programs that might be relevant to you.

  • Download the StartupBlink Rankings Report:  Searching for in-depth analysis of global startup ecosystems from Buenos Aires to Budapest? We’ve got you covered. Our 2019 report features 100 countries and more than 1,000 cities.
  • Become an Ecosystem Partner: public sector organizations can join our Ecosystem Partners program that is designed to help map and promote your local startup ecosystem by receiving international exposure, building your local Startup Map and database, and making data-driven decisions supporting your ecosystem development. 
  • Get your PRO account: StartupBlink Pro is created for a deeper understanding of local and global startup ecosystems. By signing up for a PRO account on, you will receive unlimited access to advanced analysis tools on hundreds of startup ecosystems at both the country and city levels.
  • Lead your local startup ecosystem: You are a private sector organization and want to help your local startup ecosystem grow? Increase the awareness of your organization as the leader of your local startup ecosystem by getting access to the network of 75,000+ entrepreneurs and decision-makers, as well as get featured on StartupBlink’s Global Startup Map, Annual Reports, and nearly 100 Communities worldwide. Join dozens of City Partners all over the world now and help your local startup ecosystem thrive!
  • Customized Research and Mapping: StartupBlink offers research, mapping, and ranking services for organizations that want to create their own customized research focusing solely on a specific vertical, be that Fintech, Healthtech, E-commerce, Manufacturing, you name it! Contact us to see how we can help you to build your own vertical research.
  • Write an article about your local startup ecosystem: We love featuring a detailed analysis of startup ecosystems in cities and countries! Volunteers like you have written dozens of articles about their city and country, care to join them? Contact us for more details.
  • Join your local StartupBlink Meetup groups: StartupBlink is not only about Technology, Data, and Research. It is also mostly about Community. Our dozens of global Meetup chapters around the world feature events brought to you by your own local startup community (which means, first and foremost, you!). Browse dozens of StartupBlink Meetup groups and join us in our next networking event!
  • StartupBlink webinars: Startup Knowledge is power. StartupBlink frequently organizes webinars on topics relevant to entrepreneurs, including weekly online Global Startup Pitching events, and updates about current trends in the global startup ecosystem. 

Whether you’re visiting the site or conducting research about your local startup ecosystem, make sure to browse our blog for interesting discussions and company spotlights as well. Additionally, learn more about the inspiration behind StartupBlink by checking out our press page, featuring articles from major global publications, including CNN, Forbes and Business Insider.  Feel free to contact us with any thoughts you may have. We love chatting about startup ecosystems and are glad to learn more about fellow entrepreneurs and their projects. If you don’t see your startup on the StartupBlink map, simply click the “Add” button after you register and add yourself to the movement! Last but not least, please keep building. Never stop building.