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StartupBlink organizes and curates events for the startup community. Our Global chapters are run by our Exclusive Community Leaders. If you have any questions about publishing or sponsoring events, feel free to contact us.



Country Meetup Group Leadership
1 Denmark Startupblink Copenhagen Available
2 France StartupBlink Paris Available
3 Germany StartupBlink Munchen Martin Van Lessen
4 Germany StartupBlink Frankfurt Available
5 Germany StartupBlink Hamburg Available
6 Ireland StartupBlink Dublin Available
7 Ireland Startup Galway Available
8 Italy StartupBlink Milano Marina Sciarrino
9 Netherlands StartupBlink Amsterdam Available
10 Portugal StartupBlink Lisbon Available
11 Belgium StartupBlink Brussels Available
12 Spain StartupBlink Madrid Alejandro Guerrero
13 Sweden StartupBlink Stockholm Available
14 Switzerland Startupblink Zurich Claudius Krucker
15 UK StartupBlink London Alice Vasiloiu
16 UK StartupBlink Manchester Available
17 Spain StartupBlink Barcelona Sidharth Gummalla




Country Meetup Group Leadership
1 Bulgaria StartupBlink Sofia Available
2 Czech Republic Startup Prague Available
3 Estonia Startupblink Tallinn Available
4 Lithuania Startups in Vilnius Available





Country Meetup Group Leadership
1 USA StartupBlink Austin Texas Available
2 USA StartupBlink Seattle Available
3 USA StartupBlink SanFrancisco Available
4 USA StartupBlink New York Available
5 USA StartupBlink Boston Available
6 USA StartupBlink Los Angeles Available
7 USA StartupBlink Chicago Available
8 USA StartupBlink Houston Dustin Yu
9 USA StartupBlink Dallas Josh Campbell
10 USA StartupBlink Washington Available
11 USA StartupBlink Miami Available
12 USA StartupBlink Philadelphia Available
13 USA StartupBlink Denver Available
14 USA StartupBlink Atlanta GA Available
15 USA StartupBlink Boulder Paul Wagner
16 Canada StartupBlink Toronto Available
17 Canada StartupBlink Vancouver Available
18 Canada StartupBlink Montreal Available
19 USA Startups in San Diego Available
20 USA StartupBlink Charlotte Available
21 USA StartupBlink Detroit Available
22 USA StartupBlink Kansas City Available
23 USA StartupBlink Minneapolis Available
24 USA StartupBlink Nashville Available
27 USA StartupBlink Irvine Available
26 USA StartupBlink Portland Available
27 USA StartupBlink Raleigh-Durham Available



Country Meetup Group Leadership
1 Argentina StartupBlink Buenos Aires Available
2 Brazil StartupBlink Rio de Janeiro Tati Barki
3 Brazil StartupBlink Sao Paulo Available
4 Colombia StartupBlink Medellin Aldo Castro
5 Colombia StartupBlink Bogota Available
6 Perú StartupBlink Lima Available
7 Chile StartupBlink Santiago Available
8 Mexico StartupBlink Guadalajara Available
9 Mexico StartupBlink Mexico City Available
10 Mexico StartupBlink Monterrey Available



Country Meetup Group Leadership
1 China StartupBlink Shanghai Available
2 China StartupBlink Hong Kong Catherine Chan
3 India StartupBlink Bangalore Kapil Chopra
4 India StartupBlink Delhi Available
5 India StartupBlink Mumbai Available
6 Thailand StartupBlink Chiang Mai Available
7 Korea StartupBlink Seoul Available
8 Philippines StartupBlink Manila Available
9 Saudi Arabia StartupBlink Riyadh Salah Alhomaidhi
10 Singapore StartupBlink Singapore Available
11 Israel Startups in Tel Aviv Unavailable
12 UAE StartupBlink Dubai Zainab Qasem
13 China StartupBlink Beijing Available
14 India StartupBlink Gurgaon Available
15 Japan StartupBlink Tokyo Available



Country Meetup Group Leadership
1 Australia StartupBlink Sydney Abhishek Sapre
2 Australia StartupBlink Melbourne Available



CITY Meetup Group Leadership
1 Austin Networking for Hardware Startups in Austin Available
2 London Networking for Hardware Startups in London Available
3 Frankfurt Networking for Hardware Startups in Frankfurt Available
4 Berlin Networking for Hardware Startups in Berlin Available
5 San Francisco Networking for Hardware Startups in San Francisco Available
6 Boston Networking for Hardware Startups in Boston Bruce Muff
7 Los Angeles Networking for Hardware Startups in Los Angeles Available
8 Chicago Networking for Hardware Startups in Chicago Available
9 New York Networking for Hardware Startups in New York Available
10 Shenzhen Networking for Hardware Startups in Shenzhen Available


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