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In the startup ecosystem development section of the blog, we discuss ways in which private and public stakeholders are able to influence the development of their local startup ecosystem. We provide case studies as well as tips and methods for promoting, influencing, and marketing startup ecosystem development.

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On February 5, 2021, the final version of the 2020 Coronavirus Innovation Ranking was published. The ranking is compiled by the international research organization StartupBlink based on data from the Global Map of Coronavirus Innovations. We are celebrating 34 countries and 86 cities that lead the innovation against COVID-19. The final version of the ranking […]
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This article offers an overview of the global startup ecosystem and looks at a wide range of cities that dominate ecosystems in each region. While some areas are flushed with venture capital funding and others are in the process of breaking through infrastructure and technological problems for a spot on the table, the global startup […]
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The evolution of startups – innovative and often internet-based ventures – has brought rapid changes to the global market, as entrepreneurs are looking to introduce new and technologically superior services than what was until now available.  Regardless of what industry they operate on, startups are based on growth, innovation, and scalability, however, some industries are […]