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Startup Ecosystem Reports and Indexes


In this article, we have compiled the world’s most important startup ecosystem reports and indexes to highlight the best places to start businesses and show where thriving communities of entrepreneurs already exist to support and guide entrepreneurs.

We have divided this article into 2 sections as follows-

  • Global reports – Reports focusing on global startup ecosystems
  • Local reports – Regional- reports on city and state startup ecosystems

Since startup ecosystems are constantly evolving, we will be updating this article based on the availability of newer data. For now, we have researched and presented all relevant reports here. If you are interested in preparing your own city startup report please contact us to find out how we can feature you and your project.

Global Startup Ecosystem Reports

In this section, we present the prominent reports on global startup ecosystems.

Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report – StartupBlink : The StartupBlink report ranks startup ecosystems across 954 cities and 125 countries around the world, providing ecosystem rankings for each country and city. The aim of this report is to feature and rank hundreds of startup hubs instead of highlighting a few globally recognized winners. This report considers not just startups, but also other critical players of the startup ecosystem like coworking spaces, accelerators, investors, leaders, and more.

Global Startup Ecosystem Report – Startup Genome: The Startup Genome report dives into leading startup ecosystem sub-sectors. This report focuses on developments in the tech sector and provides an overview of the global startup landscape, highlighting how the best startups are no longer concentrated in globally renowned hubs.

The Global Innovation Index 2018 : The Global Innovation Index (GII) provides detailed metrics about the innovation and performance of 126 countries, each ranked by measuring 80 distinct indicators. This report is a collaborative effort between Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Local Startup Ecosystem Reports

This section features the StartupBlink regional breakdown of prominent startup ecosystem reports. Many cities within each region don’t have a report published yet and are open for those who wish to submit a report for that city. Contact us to submit your report.


Europe is a growing startup hub. Germany is a world famous tech and automobile hub, the United Kingdom ranks high for fintech and financial startups, and France is keen on becoming a top startup destination.

Likewise, Northern European countries like Estonia, Finland, Norway, and others are becoming very active startup hubs, partially because they are attracting global talent due to easier immigration policies for entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Here are some of the reports from this region-

Frankfurt Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Joern Menninger & Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld)
Frankfurt Startup Ecosystem Report (Startup Genome)
Berlin Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Klaus G. Kammermeier)
Leipzig Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Michal Jirasek and Gillain Berry)
European Startup Monitor – Country Report Germany 2016 (European Startup Monitor)

Rotterdam: Stepping Out of Amsterdam’s Shadow (Written by Fred Bartels)

United Kingdom
London Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)
Deep Dive: London—a Top Hub for Startups (Fung Global Retail & Technology)
UK Startup Outlook 2018 (Silicon Valley Bank)

Galway Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Donncha Hughes & John Breslin)

Canary Islands Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)
Santander Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Luis Negrete)
Barcelona Startup Ecosystem Report (Startup Genome)                                Barcelona’s Startup Ecosystem (written in cooperation with Catalonia Trade & Investment)                                                                                                  Startup Ecosystem Overview 2018 (Mobile World Capital Report)
European Startup Monitor – Country Report Spain 2016 (European Startup Monitor)

Bordeaux Startup Ecosystem (Written by Fred Castagnac)
Paris Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)
Deep Dive: Paris—The Third-Largest European Startup Hub (Fung Global Retail & Technology)
A Booming Startup Ecosystem (La French Tech)

Milan Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Emil Abirascid)
Annual report to Parliament innovative startups and SMEs (Italian Ministry of Economic Development)
Italy Startup Survey (Istat)

Switzerland Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)
The Swiss Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report (Start-up Monitor Foundation)
European Startup Monitor – Country Report Switzerland 2016 (European Startup Monitor)

Luxembourg Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Steve Glange)

European Startup Monitor – Country Report Belgium (European Startup Monitor)

European Startup Monitor – Country Report Portugal (European Startup Monitor)

Sofia Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Aleksandar Petkov)
Sofia Business Guide 2018 (Invest Sofia)

Cyprus Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Stavriana Kofteros)
European Startup Monitor – Country Report Cyprus (European Startup Monitor)

Belarus Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Tania Marinich)
Venture Funding in Belarus ( “AidVenture” Project report)

Belgrade Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Nikola Stojic)

Budapest Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)
European Startup Monitor – Country Report Hungary 2016 (European Startup Monitor)

Warsaw Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Marta Diana Koziarska)

Bratislava Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Team)

Czech Republic
Czech Startups Report (Aspen Institute)

Visegrad Startup Report (Aspen Institute)

Kharkiv Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Erminesoft team)
Kiev Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)

European Startup Monitor – Country Report Greece (European Startup Monitor)

Estonia Startup Ecosystem Report (Startup Genome)

European Startup Monitor – Country Report Austria 2016 (European Startup Monitor)

European Startup Monitor – Country Report Slovenia 2016 (European Startup Monitor)

Kaunas: Not All Quiet On Our Front (Kaunas IN.)

North Americanorth-america

North America still rules as the top startup nation, thanks largely to the presence of Silicon Valley, New York, and Los Angeles. Canada is also developing a strong startup scene; with Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal rank high due to the presence of numerous startups.

Since this region already has well established networks and a strong entrepreneurial and VC community, it is easier for new startups to set up. This helps in creating a self-thriving startup system. Additionally, the presence of organizations like the Kauffman Foundation has helped boost the entrepreneurial community in United States.

United States

Detroit Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by David Kohn)
Dallas Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Blake Burris, Devin Ellis and Debra Swersky)
South Bend Region Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Marshall V. King)
Chicago Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Sales Recruiters Chicago)
Durham Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Patrick Sheegog)
Early Stage US Startup Ecosystem Report October 2018 (Startup Genome)
How to innovate the Silicon Valley way (Deloitte report)
Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project – 2018 Update (Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project)
2018 Startup Outlook US Report (Silicon Valley Bank)

Whitepaper on the Canadian startup ecosystem (LatAm Startups)
Toronto Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)
From Concept to Commercialization A Startup Eco-system Strategy for the City of Toronto (City of Toronto)
Waterloo Startup Ecosystem Report (Startup Genome)                                  Edmonton’s Startup Ecosystem (written in cooperation with Innovate Edmonton)                                                                                                                                Edmonton: A Darkhorse City on the Rise (written by Michelle Ferguson)    Kingston, Canada: Punching Above its Weight (written by Andrew Bacchus)

Latin America

The Latin American startup ecosystem has evolved dramatically over recent years, with cities like São Paulo, Santiago, and Buenos Aires paving the way for other regions. Most of the startups from Latin America are focused on resolving local issues and have not taken steps to go global.

Closer proximity to North America has helped Latin American startups by generating interest from VCs, accelerators, and other startup support agencies.

Start-up Latin America 2016 Building an Innovative Future (OECD Report)

Guadalajara Startup Ecosystem Reports (Written by Oscar Terrazas)
Mexico City Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Brenda Gonzalez Riviello)
Monterrey Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Juan Manuel Nuñez Nieto)

Caracas Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Karina Taboelle)

Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Luis Diego Rojas)

Rio de Janeiro Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Monique Fernandes)
Sao Paulo Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)

Argentina & Uruguay
Whitepaper on the Argentina and Uruguay startup ecosystem (LatAm Startups)

Start-up Chile and the Chilean Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (Startup Chile)


Asia is home to many startup unicorns and boasts several startups that have successfully gone global. Apart from being talent rich, Asia is also home to the world’s biggest manufacturing hub in Shenzhen, China. This has helped several hardware and IoT startups throughout the region. China, India, and Israel are leading examples of countries with a thriving startup ecosystem.

Iran Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Amirreza Mohammadi)

Tel Aviv Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Ron Hadar)
Innovation in Israel 2017 (Israeli Innovation Authority)
Startups and venture capital in Israel (Geektime Annual Report 2017)

Arab World
Gaza Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Rafat Abushaban)

Bangalore Startup Ecosystem Report (StartupBlink Article)
Hyderabad Startup Ecosystem Report  (Written by Raghuveer Kovuru)
Mumbai Startup Ecosystem Report  (StartupBlink Article)
Startups India – An Overview (Grant Thornton report)
Growth of Startup Ecosystems in India (ResearchGate publication)
Indian Start-up Ecosystem (NASSCOM Report)

The Singapore Startup Scene Report  (Written by Leighton Peter Prabhu)

Kuala Lumpur Startup Ecosystem Report  (Written by Rosanne Hortensius)

Manila’s Startup Ecosystem (Written in cooperation with QBO Innovation Hub)

Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Report (Whub)
2018 Startup Outlook China Report (Silicon Valley Bank)
Chinese Innovation (Bay Area Council Economic Institute report)
China’s Innovation Ecosystem (World Economic Forum)
Hong Kong: Opportunities for startups in Hong Kong (Business Sweden)


The Australian startup ecosystem is booming, with Sydney and Melbourne leading the way. Australia’s startup ecosystem is boosted by proximity to both the APAC region and Silicon Valley. Atlassian, Canva, and 99Designs are some examples of successful companies from Australia. Conversely, New Zealand’s startup ecosystem still has a long way to go.

Sydney Startup Ecosystem Report  (StartupBlink Article)
Brisbane Startup Ecosystem  (Written by Samuel Windall)        Brisbane’s Startup Ecosystem  (Written in cooperation with QUT bluebox)
Melbourne Startup Ecosystem Report  (Written by Janet Sernack)
Melbourne Startup Ecosystem Report (Startup Genome)

New Zealand
Wellington Startup Ecosystem  (Written by Paul Spence)
New Zealand Startup Ecosystem Analysis (Startup genome)


Like Latin America, most of African startups are focused on resolving local issues and have not reached the global stage. The African startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving, however, and many regional governments are now launching policies to facilitate the growth of startups and build entrepreneurial communities.

Chad Startup Ecosystem Report (Written by Mohamed Ndonga Christian)

South Africa
Cape Town Startup Ecosystem Report  (StartupBlink Article)

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