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Startups often lead in developing innovative technologies and business models. By partnering with startups, big corporations can access these innovations early, integrate them into their offerings, and stay ahead of technological trends. In this article, we will list the corporate startup programs in 2024.

We are partnering with the top corporate startup programs to analyze their programs, as well as promote their initiative. As a corporate, if you would like to explore how we can work together, contact us.

Top Corporate Startup Programs in 2024

Participation in corporate startup programs often provides startups with networking opportunities, not only with the hosting corporation but also with other startups, potential customers, and industry stakeholders. These connections can lead to future partnerships, collaborations, and even new customer relationships. An association with a well-known corporation can serve as a significant endorsement for a startup, enhancing its credibility in the eyes of customers, investors, and future partners. This validation can be a powerful tool in marketing efforts and when seeking further investment​

PepsiCo – Pepsico Labs

PepsiCo Labs is the innovation arm of PepsiCo, a leading global food and beverage company. They partner with innovative tech startups to develop and scale solutions that address key business needs across the beverage and snack food industry. Their focus is on areas like advanced manufacturing and technology integration to enhance production and distribution processes.

Startups benefit from this collaboration by gaining access to market reach, mentorship, and the opportunity to pilot and scale their solutions with a major corporation. This partnership can be a significant boost for startups, helping them gain valuable resources, validation, and exposure to accelerate their growth and success.

IBM – IBM for Startups

IBM for Startups is a no-cost and equity-free startup program, open to startups, software developers and organizations with a startup network. By joining the program, participants gain free access to IBM’s AI resources such as Watsonx platform, as well as an opportunity to partner with IBM while building their solutions. 

Intel – Intel Ignite 

Intel Ignite helps turn innovative ideas into game-changing technologies by offering ambitious entrepreneurs the guidance, technical support, and business knowledge they need to create impactful companies. They are known for helping advanced technology startups increase their worth, improve their fundraising efforts, and make a big strategic impact. Their 12-week program provides crucial benefits designed for your unique needs, including top-notch technical advice and guidance on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Johnson & Johnson – Johnson & Johnson Innovation / JLABS

Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS is a worldwide network focused on the life sciences sector, helping startups by providing them with affordable lab spaces and resources. This includes expert advice, community support, connections within the industry, and programs designed for entrepreneurs. They are dedicated to supporting brilliant ideas and work hard to eliminate barriers to success. Their goal is to help innovative projects grow from their initial stages by offering industry connections, entrepreneurial programs, and resources that are easy on the budget, including lab space.

Microsoft –  Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Microsoft for Startups is a worldwide program designed to help startups of all sizes grow and succeed. It offers a variety of resources to support these companies. Startups can receive up to $150,000 in Azure credits to help them develop and expand their cloud-based services. They also get free software licenses for key Microsoft products, including Visual Studio, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. Additionally, the program provides mentorship and support through access to a network of Microsoft experts who offer advice on various topics. There are also resources available to assist startups in reaching potential customers and partners, helping them to market their products effectively. This comprehensive support system is aimed at helping startups build solid foundations and accelerate their growth.

Boeing – StartupBoeing

StartupBoeing helps entrepreneurs start their own airlines by providing advice, analysis, data, resources, and connections. It’s for new airline projects. Aerospace Xelerated supports software startups with innovative aerospace ideas, open to global applicants and looking for partners in the UAE, with plans to expand. Boeing HorizonX Ventures invests in new tech companies focusing on aviation and aerospace innovations, targeting startups with promising technologies. The Boeing Global Innovation Prize is an annual contest that gives money and mentorship to university students who come up with new aerospace ideas, open to student teams working on aerospace projects. Lastly, the Boeing BUILD Program aims to boost leadership and innovation in aerospace among top university students interested in the field.

Google – Google for Startups 

Google for Startups, started in 2011, is all about helping startup companies around the world grow by making sure they have access to the right people, Google’s products, and the best advice for scaling up. It offers a variety of programs tailored to meet the unique needs of startups at different stages, including accelerators, workshops, and mentorship, along with access to Google’s products and expertise. There are also specific programs focused on important sectors like health technology, climate change, and retail, providing targeted support and resources. With a presence in over 125 countries, Google for Startups also works to build a worldwide community of startups through events, networking opportunities, and online platforms, ensuring startups get support and connections at the local level.


Amazon provides a range of targeted programs to support startups at different growth stages and sectors. 

  • AWS Activate offers early-stage startups up to $100,000 in AWS credits and specialized support, but it’s invite-only. Growth-stage startups can apply to AWS Activate Startup Studio for personalized advice and workshops. 
  • Amazon Launchpad helps startups selling on the Amazon Marketplace to boost product visibility and provides marketing support upon application. 
  • The Alexa Fund provides capital and mentoring for startups working on voice technologies, requiring an application. 
  • The Climate Pledge Fund targets startups addressing climate change, offering investment and access to Amazon’s sustainability network through an application process. 

These initiatives collectively aim to equip startups with financial aid, expert advice, and opportunities to leverage Amazon’s technology for growth.


Nestlé’s has two initiatives targeting startups at various growth stages. 

Nestlé Needs YOUth caters to young entrepreneurs focused on addressing social and environmental issues in food and nutrition, providing training, grants, and incubation support. 

The R+D Accelerator is designed for growth-stage startups ready for market testing, offering financial support and access to production facilities. 

Each of these programs is designed to provide startups with the resources, guidance, and opportunities they need to grow and succeed in their respective areas.

L’Oréal – The L’Oréal Beauty Tech Atelier

The L’Oréal Beauty Tech Atelier, launched in 2018, is designed to support new startups in the beauty industry with innovative tech solutions. It focuses on early-stage companies involved in various sectors like cosmetics and skincare, and welcomes a variety of technological innovations including AI and sustainable solutions. Startups receive mentorship, product development support, and networking opportunities, along with access to a co-working space in Paris. This accelerator helps startups speed up their growth, access L’Oréal’s global network, and attract investor interest, all without direct investment but with significant support in fundraising. Startups are selected through an application process, based on their innovation potential and strategic fit with L’Oréal’s goals.

To Sum Up,

In conclusion, joining a leading startup program within your industry can significantly accelerate your journey from concept to market, offering access to mentorship, and resources. We invite you to dive deeper into the top startup programs and accelerators highlighted in this article.

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