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StartupBlink’s Contributors Program offers recent graduates, students and general ecosystem fans the opportunity to gain direct experience with data research in the fields of business and startup innovation. This will be a one-of-a-kind academic and career program and will give you the chance to be part of a remote and global team of passionate professionals. The 3-month program will start in February and end before the publication of the 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Index

StartupBlink releases the most comprehensive annual report of startup ecosystems, ranking 100 countries and 1000 cities. We owe a great deal to our team of dedicated contributors for their help in compiling this report.

We are always looking for new Data Research contributors to support our team. All eligible candidates can submit their applications here!

StartupBlink Internship

What We Offer 

  • Prepare for the competitive job market with continuous professional development.
  • Gain rich research knowledge on the field of startups and data analysis.
  • Be part of our dedicated Telegram channel where you can ask questions and connect with other industry professionals.
  • Build a compelling Linkedin profile and enhance your CVs with practical work experience.
  • Join our monthly team building calls, including periodic calls with StartupBlink’s top leadership. 
  • Get featured as a Contributor in the “Data Research Contributors” section of StartupBlink’s Global Ecosystem Report, that is shared with dozens of public sector officials and startup ecosystem developers around the world. 
  • Get featured in the “About” section of StartupBlink’s website until a month after leaving the organization.
  • LinkedIn recommendation from StartupBlink’s CEO (upon request).

The contributor programme is also open to organizations and universities. Contact us directly to discuss your needs here.

What you will be doing 

You will directly help us with the research of startups across different locations with the final goal of having the most accurate and robust information on our map and in the 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Index. Interns will gain insight into the technical and administrative operations of StartupBlink, with free access to our knowledge base and the opportunity to impact decisions on relocation and investments across the globe. 

You will be compiling and analyzing data from our global network of startup ecosystems to ensure the most accurate information is presented.
You will be expected to join our team in February and help our team for a period of 3 months until the 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Index is published.

Learn more about the work we do on our “About us” page.

StartupBlink’s Contributor Program: What do we look for in an intern?

  • Interest in everything startup related, especially ecosystem-wise, and a high level of motivation
  • Working-level of English
  • At least 60 hours of collaboration, in a span of 3 months until the 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Index is published
  • Availability to join our team starting February 2023

Some of our Data Research Contributors

Danait Kebede is a Marketing and business development professional with skilled experience in private and international organizations focusing on project management and providing business consultation for SMEs

Luis Jordana is eager to learn all things tech-related. Currently a Computer Science undergraduate from the University of San Carlos, PH, he was introduced to the world of Startups and SMEs and has grown a strong interest in helping with discovering these potential young companies.

Dr. Aleia Bucci is a consultant and researcher focused on entrepreneurial ecosystems. She received her PhD from the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science, focusing her research on social entrepreneurial learning during incubation programs. Aleia is currently working with startups via Techstars Boston.

To read more about our contributors you can browse our About page.

Selection Process 

All application submissions are stored in our database and evaluated by hiring managers. Shortlisted individuals will be contacted by StartupBlink on the email they have supplied in their form.

If you’re interested in this great opportunity, please contact us through this form.