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StartupBlink is a global startup ecosystem map and research center with tens of thousands of registered startups, coworking spaces, accelerators, reporters, investors, and much more! The site and map, which were launched at 2014, have over 10,000 monthly visitors.  Our database and 90+ active local startup chapters, with over 40,000 members around the globe, have allowed us to build the world’s most comprehensive ecosystem map of startup activity. StartupBlink is also releasing the world’s most comprehensive startup ecosystem rankings with over 120 countries and 950 cities ranked. Download your ecosystem report here.

The StartupBlink global startup ecosystem map is free to use and will always be open for entrepreneurs to view and join. If you have a startup, coworking space, accelerator, or any other startup organization, please add your entity on our map.

Our goal is to make the site valuable for entrepreneurs, organizations, and governments who are supporting the growth of their local startup ecosystem by supplying them with valuable data, connections, knowledge, and community.


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Guy Kawasaki Canada Minister of Science
Duke of York
Duke of York


Our flagship Startup Ecosystems Ranking Report was the first to rank more than 120 countries and 950 cities globally. The report has been downloaded by thousands of decision-makers around the world, is consistently used by top government officials, and has received dozens of mentions in the global and national press. Our next report is due to be released in the first quarter of 2019 and will be released on a yearly basis.

Research for the StartupBlink report relies on a variety of tools, data sources, and calculations, both internal and external. We run a comprehensive algorithm and avoid making subjective assumptions that might affect the rankings.




The goal of StartupBlink is to help the development of local startup ecosystems by partnering with leading organizations in those cities. Our exclusive partners receive international promotion of their ecosystem with an extended section about their city in our Rankings Report, as well as a feature on our map, webinars, and ecosystem analysis articles. Our exclusive partners will also be able to leverage our startup ecosystem mapping technology to build and administer their own startup ecosystem map and database. Read more about it here.


StartupBlink focuses on connecting corporations with innovative startups according to their shared needs. We have helped large organizations such as ANSYS and WeWork to create, market, and on-board hundreds of relevant startups in their open innovation initiatives. We can also motivate startups by offering them a bundle of valuable internally developed benefits. Contact us to see how we can help you.


We are proud to be an official partner of the ANSYS® Startup Program. Our project has greatly benefitted from the support and trust of ANSYS. ANSYS Inc. has been identified as one of the world’s most innovative companies by globally recognized media outlets such as Bloomberg Businessweek and FORTUNE magazine. ANSYS provides eligible startups around the world with access to cutting-edge engineering simulation software at a fraction of the commercial price. Startups can find out if they are eligible and learn more about the ANSYS® startup program here.


We started working on the project in 2014, and it has been a fun ride as we are a bootstrapped startup just like most of the startups in the world.

Eli David is our nomadic CEO. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Economist, and an MBA graduate with work experience in such firms as KPMG and BDO. Eli is a digital nomad who has constantly changed locations over the last 5 years (More on the nomadic lifestyle can be read in Eli’s Blog).


Or Hillel is the StartupBlink Partnerships manager and has over a decade of experience in high-level digital marketing. He is a startup enthusiast and co-founder of numerous projects around the world.





Roderick Warren, business development consultant

Roderick is a co-founder of the project, and we are now happy to have him as our strategy consultant. Roderick is from Zurich, Switzerland, and has worked for various technology companies such as Oracle and Sun Micro-systems. Before entering the Tech industry, Roderick was a Specialist in Fire Protection and Emergency Management working on assignments in conflict areas such as Iraq and Kosovo.


Dan Valdhorn is the StartupBlink consultant for business development.

Dan is the Founder and CEO of TankU, a start-up which uses existing information from a range of sensors on the roads, together with AI, in order to make road-based services more convenient, faster, and safer. Dan has a great deal of experience in guiding and consulting tech companies and evaluating startups for investors.


Jiah Kim is the principal attorney for Jiah Kim & Associates and a legal advisor for StartupBlink.

Jiah worked for several New York law firms before starting her own to serve her favorite clients, international startups. She continues to travel. learning about different laws, eating lots of great food, and meeting awesome people.


Gerardo Robledillo is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. He has lived as an expat in various corners of the world since 2005 and created both the International Schools Database and Expatistan.com to help make life easier for future expats.




We are proud to have Coworker as an official StartupBlink partner. Coworker is the world’s most comprehensive Coworking directory. Find your next coworking space there!


SimilarWeb constantly analyses 3 million apps and 80 million websites to provide their thousands of clients the best market intelligence solutions. With 24/7 support, they help a broad range of clients, from small businesses to global enterprises, understand, track, and grow their digital market shares.




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