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StartupBlink is the world’s most comprehensive startup ecosystem map and research center. We provide dozens of public sector startup ecosystem developers with mapping, analysis and promotion modules.

StartupBlink also manages dozens of communities worldwide.


Our global startup ecosystem map has tens of thousands of registered startups, coworking spaces, and accelerators creating a robust sample of global innovation mapping.  StartupBlink is proud to manage dozens of active local startup chapters with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe. Our Website has tens of thousands of monthly visitors.


Once a year, we release the world’s most comprehensive Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report with over 1,000 cities and 100 countries ranked. Our reports have been downloaded by tens of thousands of decision-makers around the world and received hundreds of mentions in the global and national press. Download your ecosystem report here. Our goal is to provide free quality information for startup founders so they can make intelligent decisions about relocation and the right place to build their startup.

In collaboration with HIEx by UNAIDS, we have also developed the Coronavirus Innovation Map. A global directory with hundreds of innovations and solutions that help people cope and adapt to life amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and to connect innovators.


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Guy Kawasaki Canada Minister of Science
  Mayor of Edmonton






StartupBlink offers both public and private sector organizations that aspire to lead their local startup ecosystems several partnership opportunities based on the needs of the organization. Currently, there are 4 partnership opportunities to choose from:

Ecosystem Partnership program is designed for public sector organizations, government and municipalities around the world, that want to promote and map their local startup ecosystem. Startup Ecosystem Partners are provided with six comprehensive Ecosystem Development Modules. If you want to find out more about the program and the benefits of joining it, visit us here.

StartupBlink Pro is created for a deeper understanding of local and global startup ecosystems. By signing up for a PRO account on Startupblink.com, you will receive unlimited access to advanced analysis tools on hundreds of startup ecosystems at both the country and city levels. Our data is pulled from tens of thousands of registered users, global partners, local representatives, governments, and universities around the world. Get your PRO account now here.

Customized Research and Mapping: Finally, StatupBlink offers research, mapping and ranking services for organizations that want to create their own customized research focusing solely on a specific vertical, be that Fintech, Healthtech, Ecommerce, Manufacturing, you name it! Contact us to see how we can help you to build your own vertical research.

Startup Ecosystem Consulting: StartupBlink’s CEO, Eli David, is  working with governments on consulting and training modules connected to the strategic decisions for their ecosystem development. Contact us for more details.


Eli David is StartupBlink’s CEO. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Economist, and an MBA graduate with work experience in such firms as KPMG and BDO. (Connect with Eli on Linkedin)

Michal Weyna is COO of StartupBlink. He holds a degree from Warsaw School of Economics, and has joined the team with over 10 years of corporate experience.

Agweyu Robin is the Business Development Manager of StartupBlink. She is a Landscape Architect by profession and she has joined the team to create new fresh products and increase StartupBlink’s diverse range of products.

Katrin Calledo is the Partnerships Manager at StartupBlink. She holds a Masters degree in Behavioral Economics from Universite Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne. She joined the team with over two years of experience in Marketing and Market Research.

Martin Jordana is the Project Manager of StartupBlink. He holds a marketing degree from De Montfort University, and has joined the team with over a year of PR agency experience.

Peter Timoshevsky is a full stack web developer with a strong focus on maintainable architecture and scalable infrastructure. He is currently working hard on supporting and improving the StartupBlink platform. We can’t wait to see what he builds next!

Joshua Mitcham is Head of Business Development at StartupBlink and holds a Masters degree in Project Management from Salford Business School. Here is currently based in Madrid.

Ghers Fisman holds a Master of Science in Financs from Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, Caracas, and is currently based in Madrid.


Roderick Warren, business development consultant

Roderick based in Zurich, Switzerland, has worked for various technology companies such as Oracle and Sun Micro-systems. Before entering the Tech industry and co-founding StartupBlink, Roderick was a Specialist in Fire Protection and Emergency Management working on assignments in conflict areas such as Iraq and Kosovo.

Dan Valdhorn is the StartupBlink consultant for business development.

Dan is the Founder and CEO of TankU, a start-up which uses existing information from a range of sensors on the roads, together with AI, in order to make road-based services more convenient, faster, and safer. Dan has a great deal of experience in guiding and consulting tech companies and evaluating startups for investors.

Adrien Henni is co-founder of East-West Digital News, an international tech news and research agency covering Eastern Europe. With nearly 20 years of experience in the high-tech and venture businesses, he advises a variety of startups, investors and other organizations.

Jiah Kim is the principal attorney for Jiah Kim & Associates and a legal advisor for StartupBlink.  Jiah worked for several New York law firms before starting her own to serve her favorite clients, international startups.

Gerardo Robledillo is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. He has lived as an expat in various corners of the world since 2005 and created both the International Schools Database and Expatistan.com to help make life easier for future expats.

Denise Gee is a journalist, marketer, researcher and strategic advisor with 20 years of experience in Fintech and digital financial services and global corporate marketing – including BP, and as head of corporate communications for Visa.

Simon Hardie has two decades of experience producing financial intelligence content, research and events for global media including The Economist and Euromoney, joining MagnaCarta Communications to build the companys research and analytics capabilities. 

David Weimer has more than 15 years experience in leading international import and export including QA offices in China. David is currently working at smedo.de the world‘s most advanced contactless bio-metrics.

Ran Sasson is a business and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Builder (including Rural Areas) with experience in IT consulting and project management. He is MaofTech Accelerators portfolio director at the Israeli SMB Agency and director of ClimateLaunchpad ISRAEL


Crunchbase is the leading platform for professionals to discover innovative companies, connect with the people behind them, and pursue new opportunities. Over 50 million professionals—including entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers, and salespeople—trust Crunchbase to inform their business decisions. Companies all over the world rely on Crunchbase to power their applications, making over a billion calls to their API each year.

SEMRush is a trusted data provider whose data is used by more than 4,000,000 marketing professionals around the world. With 40+ tools and data for 190 countries and regions, SEMrush platform brings its users opportunities to reveal competitors’ marketing strategies, evaluate businesses’ and partners’ potential and provide market insights.

Findexable has been founded with the mission to build the world’s first Global Fintech Index to identify emerging hubs, and to promote growth of progressive, inclusive financial services everywhere. We’re building a global coalition to promote the values of fintech – and help it meet its potential to improve access to financial services across countries and regions.

We are proud to have Coworker as an official StartupBlink partner. Coworker is the world’s most comprehensive Coworking directory. Find your next coworking space there!


Open innovation in Russia

OECD LEED Forum – Porto

Eli David with the Prime Minister of Cape Verde


StartupBlink has dozens of chapters in top startup cities around the world.  Are you passionate about the growth of your local startup ecosystem? Join a community of global influencers and lead your city’s meetup chapter!

Dozens of groups with tens of thousands members

Catherine Chan is passionate in helping startup entrepreneurs achieve their business goals, networking and sharing ideas to facilitate resource sharing, brainstorming business ideas. Catherine worked in Freight forwarding logistics industry and also had some experience in IT industry. She is currently open to opportunities and would like to explore what services she can render to other entrepreneurs.
Steven A. Rodriguez is the Techstars Startup Programs Regional Manager for US and Canada, Founder / Managing Director of SUEGO and Chief Culture Officer at BloomShift. He co-leads various ESHIP programs through his non-profit InnovateCoalition. Steven is a Business Development & Digital Marketing Mentor & Contributor for WeWork Labs and Coach for the DC Department of Employment Services Innovation Lab and also a Board Member to the International Council on Trade and Development. After a brief stint on Capitol Hill, Steven stumbled across the DC startup scene and is determined to help build the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the local, national and international stage.
Luis Carranza Perales is an entrepreneurship consultant specialized in social enterprises. He works at makesense as Entrepreneurship Developer in Peru’s branch office. Makesense is an international organization that promotes social innovation and entrepreneurship as a tool to solve Earth’s greatest social and enviromental challenges, with a community in over 200+ cities and offices in 7 countries.  He wants to develop the conditions for Peru to become a social entrepreneurship global hub. Luis is also cofounder in Al Emprender Podcast, a podcast designed to become a startup that helps entrepreneurs find their ideal learning route.

Dae Jin (Derik) Kim is the founder and honorary president of Global Entrepreneurs Foundation (“GEF”) and the co-founder and partner of HSR ANGEL LLC (“HSR”) located in the Republic of Korea, which has done angel investment and company build-up.  He is also a Senator of World Business Angels Investment Forum(“WBAF”) representing Korea. Before GEF, Mr. Kim was a serial entrepreneur, founding five start-ups, three of which were established in Korea, and two in the USA. He has served as CEO and Executive officer of several companies in Korea and USA, including EVP of Talon-International, Inc. 


Pooja Thakker is a research scholar with the heart of an entrepreneur. Fervent about start-ups, published several research papers on start-ups and its ecosystem and has a passion to promote innovation ecosystem. Currently pursuing doctoral studies in Management from Nirma University, India and on the journey to find key players which play a crucial role in the emergence of innovation ecosystem for developing countries.

Fortune Chuku is passionate about open innovation and technology adoption research in developing economies. He is the founder of Techative, a tech, and startup news portal based in Nigeria. Fortune holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Product Design from the University of Hull, UK, and a master’s degree in Information Systems from the American University of Nigeria.

Dr. Aleia Bucci is a consultant and researcher focused on entrepreneurial ecosystems. She received her PhD from the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science, focusing her research on social entrepreneurial learning during incubation programs. Aleia is currently working with startups via Techstars Boston.

Luis Jordana is eager to learn all things tech related. Currently a Computer Science undergraduate from University of San Carlos, PH, he was introduced to the world of Startups and SMEs and has grown a strong interest in helping with discovering these potential young companies.

Would you like to join the world’s most comprehensive startup ecosystem research center as a voluntary data intern? Tell us about yourself and express your interest here

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