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Top European Cities on the Coronavirus Resilience Innovation Index

The updated rankings reflect the third iteration of the Coronavirus Innovations map and include a major increase in the scope of the project to reflect a wide variety of verticals affected by the pandemic, including health aspects as prevention, treatment and vaccines, in addition to economically impacted verticals such as supply chains and e-commerce relating to the “New Normal”.

The results of the updated ranking (Named Coronavirus Innovations Resilience) confirm our observations that under the Post Covid scenario, some countries are managing to unlock their full potential and produce innovation at faster paces, and rip the benefits of the new reality focusing on digitalization and technology. The full ranking tables can be found below the map

Top European Cities

In Europe, Moscow has achieved an impressive ranking and is the highest-ranked city in Europe. This is mainly due to specific innovations that have had a global impact, such as the Sputnik V vaccine.  

Moscow is followed by London, Berlin, and Paris, strong hubs of global innovation, which have also stepped in to create high-quality COVID-19 innovation. 

Across Europe, it is also worth noting that both Spanish entrepreneurial hubs of Barcelona and Madrid have made a sound improvement in their rankings since the last Coronavirus rankings, placed now at 10th and 18th respectively, an important milestone for Madrid – the first time the city makes it to the top 20.

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