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In this year’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index Report, StartupBlink has included an E-commerce & Retail Technology Rankings in addition to the ranking of 100 countries and 1000 cities for 2021.

In this ranking, we celebrate the top 25 cities ranking that excel in E-commerce & Retail Technology. Check out the top ranked cities in the table below:

San Francisco is leading the world in E-commerce & Retail Technology, almost doubling the score of Los Angeles, the 2nd ranked city in this industry. The top 3 in this industry are all United States cities, with the 3rd highest ranked city being New York, suggesting that the US is the undisputed global leader.

A close contender for E-commerce & Retail Technology is China, with Beijing ranked 4th, Shanghai 6th, Shenzhen 14th and Hangzhou 16th. Beijing’s score is very close to New York, putting China in a good position to enter the top 3 for this industry in the coming years. London is also performing well at 5th globally. Other notable cities that are overperforming compared to their global ranking include Paris at 8th, New Delhi at 9th, and Chicago at 11th.

The city with the most significant difference between the global ranking and the E-commerce & Retail Technology ranking is Jakarta, overperforming its global rank of 34th by 21, followed by Hangzhou, overperforming by 17, and Barcelona, overperforming by 16 spots.

Gaps between scores of ecosystems remain very small in several clusters in the rankings: positions 9-14, positions 15-20 and positions 21-24. Such close competition suggests that a lot can change in a year.

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