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Within our database, the Healthtech sector emerges as a significant one, constituting 12.83% of all sampled startups, thereby securing its position as the second-largest industry, surpassed only by Software & Data.  This article showcases the top 10 cities for healthtech startups. A comprehensive analysis report on 100 cities, as well as regional analysis is available for StartupBlink PRO users.

What's inside the full report?​

The Full report is only available to StartupBlink PRO.

Key Insights

Health Care is the most dominant sub-industry for Healthtech Startups

This industry includes 7 sub-industries. Health Care takes the lead with 41.4% share among all sampled startups. Following suit, Biotechnology secures the second position, making up 32.8% of the industry’s startups. The other sub-industries include Fitness, Life Sciences, Medtech, Pharmaceuticals and Other, and their shares among the industry is available on the PRO version of this report.

Healthtech Startups funding has dropped by 50%

We reviewed CrunchBase data on Healthtech Startups around the world and the latest number shows that Healthtech Startups raised 50% less compared to 2022, signaling a serious stagnation in the growth of this industry. On the PRO version of this report, you can unlock the 10 years trend for Healthtech Startups funding.

The US dominates the top positions.

San Francisco stays in the top spot for Healthtech startups, while Boston surpasses New York for second place. San Diego takes the 4th spot globally, surpassing both Los Angeles and London, even though it wasn’t in the Top 10 for the global rankings. Seattle and Washington impress by ranking 4 and 9 spots higher globally, securing spots in the Top 10 for this industry.

London is the only European Country in the Top 10

For Healthtech industry rankings, London ranks at 6th below its global rank at 3rd. It is the only European city within the Top 10 for Healthtech, surpassed by the US cities. An analysis on 5 regions are available on the PRO version of this report.

Top 10 Cities for Healthtech Startups

San Francisco maintains its position as the top city, boasting notable unicorns like Lyra Health, Alto Pharmacy, and Hinge Health. These contributions solidify San Francisco’s standing as a global Healthtech ecosystem.

Boston secures the second spot, surpassing New York in this specific industry, highlighting its strength in Healthtech. New York, the third-runner up, maintains its position in the industry despite a slight dip in its global ranking.

San Diego exhibits a substantial difference from its global rank, climbing 18 spots higher and showcasing its strength in Healthtech. Los Angeles follows, with a ranking one spot lower than its global position.

London, ranking 6th, trails three spots behind its global ranking, being surpassed by other United States cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boston. Shanghai, the first Asian city on the list, aligns with its global rank. Two other U.S. cities, Seattle and Washington, follow with rankings 4 and 9 spots higher, respectively, compared to their global ranks.

Closing the Top 10, Beijing, another Chinese city, improves its industry rank from the previous year but still lags behind its global rank in this industry.

Which cities are not among the Top 10 Cities for Healthtech Startups?

While Bangalore, Paris, and Tel Aviv consistently rank among the top 10 cities for startups globally, they do not occupy prominent positions in the Healthtech industry. The PRO version of this report offers full ranking tables for 100 cities, along with additional global and regional insights on the best cities for Healthtech startups.