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What is StartupBlink? (Check out Here)

We created a global map of the startup ecosystem, including Startups, coworking places, mentors, freelancers, accelerators, and much more for you to explore.Our basic assumption is as following: The Startup ecosystem is not connected well enough. Founding a Startup is a lonely task, we work on projects without even being sure that anyone will ever use them, frequently while bootstrapping like crazy. While doing that, wouldn’t it be fun to be part of a local startup ecosystem that connects to a global one, all in one place?

The map currently has a lot of information for you to use. Firstly, you can use it to connect and educate yourself about the startup ecosystem in your location or in any other city around the world.

Traveling to Berlin soon as the co-founder of an E-learning project?

Why not filter all startups in Berlin by Industry and go to a million beer meetings to discuss potential cooperation with other E-learning startup founders?

Looking for a coworking place, accelerator, or a mentor near you?

Check out the map.

If your startup is not on the map, please take 3 minutes to Register it here. It is a quick process that gets you nice link, and will potentially allow you to generate traction and interest from fellow startups and investors.

Also, if you can spread the word about Startupblink with your friends so they can also add their startups, coworking spaces or accelerators on the map, it would be totally epic.

And lastly, we need feedback. We are building this platform for you in order to create a community. Send us your requests on how to improve the platform by simply replying to this email, or via the site.