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After years of ranking the startup ecosystems of 1,000 cities and 100 countries, we are excited to introduce StartupBlink’s startup ranking feature on our Global Startup Map. This tool analyzes over 150,000 startups providing an evaluation based on parameters like funding amount, employee count, and website traffic powered by data partners such as Crunchbase and Semrush. This article outlines the scope of StartupBlink’s Startup Ranking, its calculation methodology, the levels of ranking, and showcases some of the promising startups as per the latest global rankings of startups.

How to identify the most promising startups worldwide?

StartupBlink’s Startup Ranking offers an in-depth, analytical perspective of over 150,000 global startups.  Our objective ranking system considers a range of key indicators, including employee size, website traffic, and valuation. This ranking transcends beyond mere financial metrics to encompass a startup’s influence in the market and its potential for future growth.

These rankings are further celebrated by the Startup Achievements section on each startup’s dashboard. With the share feature available on each startup’s dashboard, you can publicize the good news about your startup or the startups you love on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Methodology Behind the Startup Ranking

At the heart of StartupBlink’s Ranking is the SB Score, a unique scoring system where each startup is rated on a scale of 1-1000. A score closer to 1000 signifies a higher ranking, indicating a startup’s strong market presence and potential. The SB Score is calculated through an assessment of several crucial parameters:

  • Funding: Evaluating the investment received by a startup, based on data from Crunchbase.
  • Website Traffic: Analyzing the online presence, traffic, and domain authority of a startup’s website based on data from Semrush.
  • Employee Size: Analyzing  the startup’s growth and scalability based on its employee count based Crunchbase and data pooled by StartupBlink.

An additional feature, the SB Score Evolution, is also available on each startup’s dashboard. This tool tracks the score’s progression over time, offering insights into which startups are gaining momentum and showing promising growth trajectories.

How can I browse a Startup Ranking?

A) Browse Startups on StartupBlink Home Page

Upon visiting the StartupBlink home page, you’ll encounter a search bar displayed. This feature allows you to search for a specific startup. Simply type the name of the startup, and you’ll be directed to its dashboard, where detailed information and its SB Score are readily available.

Upon visiting the StartupBlink home page, you’ll encounter a search bar displayed. This feature allows you to search for a specific startup. Simply type the name of the startup, and you’ll be directed to its individual dashboard, where detailed information and its SB Score are readily available.

B) Explore StartupBlink’s Startup Map

For a broader view of our startup database, the Global Startup Map is your go-to resource. This feature enables you to explore over 150,000 startups, each ranked by their SB Score across different levels. You can search for startups globally using this map, offering a bird’s-eye view.. While the full list and filters are exclusive to StartupBlink Pro users, searching for a specific startup is available to all visitors.

C) Browse in the Country/City Dashboards

StartupBlink’s ranking includes the startup ecosystems of 1,000 cities and 100 countries. By visiting the dashboard of a specific location, you can access detailed insights about the startups in that area, including their SB Score and local ranking. This localized perspective is particularly useful for understanding the startup dynamics in a specific region or city. As with the global map, full access to startup lists within these dashboards is a perk for StartupBlink Pro users, but the search function remains open for individual startup queries.

Bonus: Adding Your Startup to the Map

In case your startup isn’t listed on our map, don’t worry! As a startup owner, you have the ability to add your startup directly. Simply use the ‘Add Startup’ button located on the map or dashboard. Please note, each submission undergoes a review process by StartupBlink to ensure it meets our criteria and standards for startup listings. This feature is an excellent opportunity to increase your startup’s visibility and be a part of our global platform used by key decision-makers.

Levels of StartupBlink’s Startup Ranking

StartupBlink’s Ranking is categorized into various levels to provide a detailed view of the startups’ performance.

  • Global Startup Ranking: This level takes into account all 150,000 startups mapped on our database. For example, Snapchat ranks 8th on the global level. 
  • Regional Startup Ranking: This level ranks startups among their regional peers.For example, Foursquare ranks 7th in North America.
  • National Startup Ranking: This level zeroes in on the national context, ranking startups based solely on their performance within their home country. It’s an excellent way for startups to gauge their standing in their national ecosystem and for stakeholders to identify leading startups in a specific country. For example, ResearchGate is the best startup in Germany.
  • City Startup Ranking: Delving into the local startup ecosystem, this ranking evaluates startups based on their position within their city. It offers a close-up view of the local startup environment, revealing top performers in various urban centers. For example, Medellin’s top ranked startup is La Haus.
  • Industry Startup Ranking: Here, startups are ranked based on their performance within their specific industry. This ranking is pivotal for understanding how startups fare against direct competitors in their industry and for identifying leaders in various sectors. This data is only available on StartupBlink PRO.
  • Subindustry Startup Ranking: With a database encompassing over 100 sub industries ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Healthtech, this ranking narrows down the competition to startups’ specific subindustries. It provides a highly specialized view, allowing startups to see how they rank among peers in their particular niche. This data is only available on StartupBlink PRO.

Each startup’s page features a comparison tool, allowing users to benchmark startups against their peers across these diverse levels. This tool offers stakeholders a 360-degree view of a startup’s standing in various contexts, from local ecosystems to global industry landscapes.

Most Promising Startups based on StartupBlink Startup Ranking

In this section, we showcased the 15 most promising startups based on SB Score and our startup ranking algorithm. This is only a sample, and you can see the rankings of over 150,000 startups, based on various segments as mentioned above by browsing it on the global map of startups.

Global Rank









Software & Data

DuckDuckGo protects online privacy with its private search engine.





HaloDoc revolutionizes healthcare access in Indonesia through telemedicine.


NetEase Cloud Music


Social & Leisure

NetEase captures China’s music market with its popular streaming service.


Vice Media


Software & Data

Vice Media captivates young audiences with its edgy and thought-provoking content.





Practo empowers Indian patients to manage their healthcare conveniently online.





BridgeOak connects Oakland residents with innovative financial services.


Bunk Haus OTR


Social & Leisure

Bunk Haus OTR provides a social and affordable stay in Chicago’s vibrant Old Town neighborhood.





YMS empowers Chinese students to excel with its online tutoring platform.


Tropical Skoops


Ecommerce & Retail

Tropical Skoops delights customers worldwide with flavors not sold in traditional ice parlors, or stores.





Social & Leisure

iQIYI dominates China’s online video landscape, offering a platform for both viewing and sharing.




Software & Data

Gupy simplifies and streamlines the recruitment process for businesses in Brazil.


Research Gate


Software & Data

Research Gate fosters scientific collaboration by connecting researchers worldwide.




Social & Leisure

Foursquare helps users navigate the world by discovering and sharing local recommendations.




Social & Leisure

Vidio empowers Indonesian creators and viewers by enabling them to share videos online.




Social & Leisure

Mangatoon brings the world of Korean webcomics to life, captivating readers with its engaging stories.

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