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Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important sector for startups, with investments in 2023 nearing $50 billion and totaling over $300 billion since 2013, funding more than 16,000 companies based on Crunchbase’s data. Even startups that are not producing AI solutions are widely integrating AI into their processes. The city where a startup is based can influence its access to funding, available talent pool, and overall operations. In this article, we examine the top cities for artificial intelligence startups that offer robust support and opportunities.

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Top Cities for Artificial Intelligence Startups

Below, we listed the top cities for artificial intelligence, based on our research taking into account dozens of parameters to rank cities for Artificial Intelligence startups. In total, there are 168 cities ranked in the world for this industry. You can take a look at all cities and gather more insights, with StartupBlink Pro  account.

1. San Francisco, United States

San Francisco, which encompasses tech hubs like Silicon Valley, stands as the premier city for basing an artificial intelligence startup. Surpassing Beijing, San Francisco‘s total score is 3.3 times greater, highlighting its dominant position in the industry. Unsurprisingly, San Francisco is the birthplace of numerous renowned AI startups, including OpenAI, and hosts influential support organizations like the AI research lab Vicarious. Vicarious aims to revolutionize computing by enabling machines to reach human-level intelligence in vision, language, and motor control. For those aiming to create something with global impact, San Francisco is the ideal location.

cities for artificial intelligence startups

2. Beijing, China

In our rankings, Beijing is placed second worldwide for AI, which is four spots above its overall ranking. Reflecting China’s strategic focus on AI, outlined in government policies, the goal is to transform Beijing into a leading AI innovation hub by 2030. This initiative aims at leveraging AI for industrial modernization and economic growth. Beijing is home to Baidu’s AI Group, a major player in AI research and operator of one of China’s largest open-source AI platforms. Additionally, Mobvoi, supported by Google and Volkswagen, is recognized for its advancements in voice recognition and natural language processing and is headquartered in Beijing. Notably, Beijing‘s total score is very close to New York‘s, suggesting that the rankings between the two cities could easily shift by 2024.

cities for artificial intelligence startups

3. New York, United States

New York is ranked one spot lower than its overall position, yet the score difference with Beijing is relatively small. The city’s AI startup scene boasts companies like Clarifai, known for its cutting-edge image and video recognition technologies, and UiPath, which is renowned for its work in robotic process automation (RPA). Additionally, New York hosts the AI Now Institute, an interdisciplinary research center focused on the social impact of artificial intelligence. The diverse industrial fabric of NYC, spanning finance, pharmaceuticals, media, advertising, and retail, creates an ideal backdrop for AI applications across various fields. This diversity attracts Fortune 500 companies seeking to harness AI for innovation and business development.

cities for artificial intelligence startups

4. Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles, ranking 4th like its overall global rank, is developing a strong presence in artificial intelligence, with startups like Beyond Limits, which provides AI solutions for industries such as manufacturing, and OpenPath, which applies AI to enhance security systems. The city’s growth in AI is supported by institutions like the California Institute of Technology and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). These universities contribute to making Los Angeles an attractive place for both new talent and investment in the field of AI.

cities for artificial intelligence startups

5. London, United Kingdom

London‘s venture capital funding for artificial intelligence has surged, drawing investors and promoting expansion within this sector. Although London ranks two spots below its global standing, it is recognized as Europe’s AI Capital. The city is home to DeepMind, a Google-acquired company celebrated for its AI research across various fields such as health and energy. Another key contributor is BenevolentAI, known for leveraging AI to boost scientific research, especially in medicine.

cities for artificial intelligence startups

6. Boston, United States

The city’s close-knit startup community, proximity to prestigious institutions like MIT and Harvard, and a history of technological advancements have contributed to the growth of AI startups in industries like cybersecurity, robotics, and biotech. Boston‘s AI startup environment features companies like Neurala, which develops AI-powered visual inspection solutions, and DataRobot, which offers an enterprise AI platform to help businesses build and deploy accurate predictive models.

7. Paris, France

Paris is ranked two positions above its overall global ranking in the field of artificial intelligence, making it the second-leading European city in the industry. The presence of major technology companies like Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), Apple, and Microsoft, which have set up AI research labs and teams in Paris, underscores the city’s attractiveness for advanced technology development. Mistral AI, achieving unicorn status within just seven months of its establishment, highlights the city’s dynamic and successful AI sector. Paris also nurtures AI startups such as Snips, acquired by Sonos for its voice recognition technology, and Shift Technology, which focuses on using AI to uncover insurance fraud. Additionally, the city is the base for Element AI, a provider of AI solutions.

8. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

The city ranks two positions above its overall global ranking in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. Tel Aviv houses Hailo, an AI chip startup recognized as a unicorn for its development of edge AI processors and significant fundraising achievements. Additionally, the Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator, a leading entity in the city, actively seeks founders employing innovative technologies such as AI, deep tech, and machine learning to revolutionize industries and tackle worldwide issues. Tel Aviv-Yafo is notable for AI startups like Aidoc, offering sophisticated medical imaging analysis, and OrCam, creating personal AI-powered devices to aid individuals with visual impairments.

cities for artificial intelligence startups

9. Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen ranks seven positions higher in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector than its overall global standing, a testament to its commitment to AI through substantial investments in research and development, the creation of a 100 billion CNY AI fund, and the implementation of regulations supporting AI in both public and private sectors. The city’s technological foundation, innovative climate, and the presence of tech giants like Tencent and Huawei enhance its capabilities in AI. Key players in Shenzhen‘s AI startup ecosystem include SenseTime, specializing in computer vision and deep learning, and Horizon Robotics, known for its AI chips for intelligent vehicles.

10. Seattle, United States

Seattle‘s prominence in artificial intelligence is largely due to major technology firms like Microsoft and Amazon investing heavily in AI, significantly impacting the tech landscape. The city’s commitment to AI is further showcased by initiatives such as the Generative Artificial Intelligence Policy, designed to ensure responsible use among city employees and establish Seattle as a forefront of civic innovation and technology. Ranked within the top 10 cities for AI, Seattle hosts startups like Algorithmia, an algorithms and cloud services marketplace, and, known for its efficient, low-power AI solutions optimized for edge computing. Additionally, it is the founding location of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, dedicated to advancing human welfare with high-impact AI research.


In conclusion, the future of artificial intelligence is promising, and it’s clear it will play a key role in many of today’s solutions. Choosing the right city can help grow your AI startup, but forming partnerships is equally important. The IBM for Startups program, free of charge and not requiring equity, helps startups connect with IBM’s wide market reach. Through this program, startups can partner to expand their solutions worldwide and make the most of their innovations.