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GROWTH INDUSTRY CONFERENCE 2023 (GRIC) is a conference focused on the Japanese growth industries. It is Japan’s largest hybrid global conference, where top-tier ecosystem builders from Japan and abroad gather under the theme of “bringing Japan’s startup ecosystem to global standards.”

“GRIC PITCH” brought together VCs, startup CEOs, CVCs, etc. from Japan and abroad, and a total of 31 startups stood on the stage. There were approximately 140 judges and approximately 150 session speakers. The event ended with great success, with a total of 2,500 visitors and 8,000 registered participants.


The opening speech was given by Ken Hasebe, Mayor of Shibuya Ward, Chairman of CIC Japan/Chairman of KEARNEY, Chairman of CIC Tokyo, Takaaki Umezawa, also an Independent Director of for Startups, Inc., and Yuichiro Shimizu, CEO of for Startups, Inc. Shimizu said, “This is the 4th GRIC, and this time it was held in Shibuya for the first time with the aim of globalization. We want to create the best startup conference together with everyone.”

In response, Mr. Umezawa said, “The government’s “Five-Year Startup Development Plan” states that we will increase the amount of investment in startups tenfold in five years, and we want to aim for the world based on these three axes: “market,” “human resources,” and “world money.” Expressing his enthusiasm. Lastly Mr. Hasebe said, “Shibuya Ward is new as a city, and when people come from all over Tokyo to live in this area, they mix and harmonize, forming a culture of value. The world’s perspective is expanding, and the number of people visiting for business is increasing, and I think startups are one of the big engines, so I want to fully support them.”


This is a pitch stage that aims to “become a bridge between the Japanese top-tier startups that are taking on big business growth and the world.” More than 140 judges from Japan and abroad gathered to see the startups with the potential to succeed on the world stage. Selected startup companies made pitches under four themes: “GREEN,” “HEALTHCARE & WELLNESS,” “NEW LIFESTYLE,” and “UPRISING DIGITAL.”

As a result, the Grand Award was awarded to the company that received the highest evaluation went to Logomix Inc. Winner was also selected in each theme; “GREEN” is Sagri Co., Ltd., “HEALTHCARE & WELLNESS” is by Logomix Inc., “NEW LIFESTYLE” is HERALBONY, Co., Ltd., and “UPRISING DIGITAL” is Aeterlink Corp.

For more winner information please visit this link.

You can find a detailed report on this link. (Japanese – Please use your browser setting for English version)


We held the high-speed pitch “SPEED DATING” for the first time. Divided into five booths, the participating startups made presentations about their businesses to a total of 25 investors and business companies active in Japan and overseas.


“FIRESIDE CHAT” is a casual session held at a distance as if you were sitting around a bonfire. A total of dozens of domestic and international investors, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem builders gave talks that could only be heard here.


While pitches and various content are being held at offline venues, approximately 40 sessions will be held online with a total of 127 speakers from Japan and overseas.ofIt was released at the same time. Participants also interacted with each other through the event platform “EventHub”.


Lastly, Shimizu said, “Next year we will further elevate our efforts and produce a place where we can discuss the future of Japan and the future of the world.” concluded the conference.

The “Growth Industry Conference” is scheduled to be held again next year. We will continue to increase contacts both domestically and internationally, with startups at the core, increasing the number of players involved in growing industries, and creating contacts with overseas investors.