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The Middle East and Africa region has emerged as a vibrant and dynamic hub for startups and entrepreneurship. With 63 startup ecosystems represented in the global top 1,000 cities, up from 57 in 2022 in StartupBlink’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2023, this region showcases the growth and expansion of innovation-driven ventures.  You can access the […]
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The Latin America & Caribbean region has emerged as a thriving hub for startup ecosystems, with numerous countries making significant strides in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. From Brazil to Colombia, Chile to Mexico, these nations are witnessing a surge in startup activity, attracting global attention and investment. In this article, we will explore the state […]
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The Asia-Pacific region is a hotbed of innovation, nurturing a thriving startup culture across its diverse economies. With 159 startup ecosystems ranked in the global top 1,000, this dynamic region offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurial endeavors. In this article, we will delve deeper into the Asia Pacific startup ecosystems, highlighting their strengths, notable shifts […]