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The Latest Insights on Innovation and Startup Ecosystems in the region of Europe.
The European region has a total of 339 startups ecosystems (from 45 countries)
represented in our Top 1000 ranking, in the Annual StartupBlink Startup Ecosystem Report and Rankings.

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The European region is a dynamic landscape that continues to evolve year after year. While the overall number of startup economies in the global top 1,000 has slightly decreased compared to the previous year, positive developments can be observed in certain countries and cities within the region. In this article, we will explore the momentum […]
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The European startup ecosystem is a complex and diverse network that encompasses almost 50 countries and sovereign states in a geographical area of 10 million square kilometers, making it one of the smallest continents.  Startup Blink has compiled and analyzed data from 45 countries, with 339 European startup ecosystems present in our latest Top 1000 […]