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UberCloud helps mechanical engineers win with Cloud

Cloud computing is a giant industry lead by top players like Amazon, Microsoft and IBM. As cloud computing enters its second decade, its focus is now to be more innovative and have inclusive solutions. In all this, mechanical engineers are like a forgotten bunch. Most mechanical engineers still use aging, under-powered hardware that cause a productivity loss. UberCloud is one such company that helps mechanical engineers and even scientists by providing them with agile solutions like high performance cloud computing.

Do mechanical engineers need the cloud?

While most companies use cloud computing to facilitate better and smarter processes, mechanical engineers and scientists are stuck with outdated technology and hardware for accomplishing their tasks. This results in considerable unproductivity and downtime. Often, their systems don’t even talk to each other and they struggle to get things done. Although many mechanical engineering and scientific jobs do involve the use of cloud, there are several problems they face while trying to integrate their systems.

UberCloud helps mechanical engineers and scientists run jobs in parallel on the cloud, using their award-winning HPC application containers. These containers are portable toolboxes that contain everything an engineer needs to get productive on any data center. They partner with Microsoft Azure to bring cloud to engineers. And partnering with industry leaders like ANSYS, Siemens, Dassault Systemes, Numeca, etc. assists in getting a high quality user experience in the cloud.

Such a solution has been reciprocated well from the engineering and scientist community, and their client base has grown to 3500 with around 40+ marketplace offers. However, still UberCloud has to face challenges in making customers see that status quo in a dynamic world is a risky option. UberCloud lets engineers do interactive GUI-based analysis in the cloud and run browser-based environments. This helps in communicating the value of using their tools to their customers.

Mechanical engineers, industrial workers, scientists, physicians, etc. alike need the power of agile systems on the cloud to bring together all systems and make things faster, productive, scalable and efficient. By combining powerful simulation software with broadest cloud solutions, engineers benefit by running faster simulations, reducing reliance on overworked IT teams. Not just that, such systems encourage a culture of collaboration which helps all stakeholders work synergistically.

Way forward for UberCloud

With an established need for such a product, UberCloud has a growing client base. They have won multiple awards for their technology including HPCWire Best Use of HPC in the Cloud thrice (2013, 2014, 2017), Gartner Cool Vendor in 2015 and Hyperion Innovation Excellence award in 2017. They are also part of some exciting research such as the Living Heart Project. Having already raised a pre-series A funding, they aim to make high performance computing a reality for every engineer. Launched in 2012, they’ve come a long way. UberCloud has also actively conducted more than 200 HPC experiments.

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