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Successful pitching event for hardware startups

Pitching to a startup is the most important thing. And knowing the skill of pitching perfectly is hard. We just successfully completed our Hardware Startup Pitching event and had the pleasure of having four great startups present in this event. Not only did we generate a lot of interest from the audience about these companies but also receive a ton of applications for our next event happening soon.

With our hardware event lined up monthly, our audience gets a unique opportunity to watch how a proper pitch is done, while also getting acquainted with hardware startup founders from around the world. While if you are a startup interested in presenting for the next event, we will also feature you in our blog apart from benefiting from our close association with ANSYS, that runs a Startup Program providing discounted simulation tools to startups.

Here is a scoop on each of these talented hardware startups that you need to look out for:

1. InfiGear
This London-based startup manufactures lightweight, plastic chains and transmissions possible for cycling, automotive, motorcycling and industrial applications. CEO Marcel Fowler believes that they are solving the most crucial problem of mechanical wear. The issue is that more than 60% of the total applied power is focused on only one chain link and sprocket tooth requiring expensive, high-wear resistant metals. At InfiGear, they have created a chain design that distributes the applied power amongst all the teeth at the same time, implying more than 10 times less wear for using the same material. This is possible using lightweight and plastic materials making chains and transmissions that have an almost infinite lifetime.

2. Boulder AI
Boulder AI is a Vision-as-a-Service company that has built an AI-enabled camera that is waterproof and dustproof. Built on Nvidia TX2, the camera can see just as humans do, filling in the missing gap for IoT sensing in the visual realm. Founder Darren Odom states that Boulder AI’s camera is like the visual cortex of IoT. It has several applications like identifying and counting fish, remote wildlife tracking, improving the coffee supply chain and improving street cleaning. Boulder AI is based out of US.

3. Robobev
This California based company is developing a self-contained all electric autonomous cashless coffee kiosk, prepaid coffee cup, smart phone app, and drone delivery system called Baristo™. Headed by Blaze Sanders, this startup aims to solve the problem of long queues of customers at coffee shops, help the small shops reduce costs and also provide eco-friendly coffee. With a monthly fee of just $42, customers can enjoy unlimited coffee. It starts with the purchase of a reusable smart cup to customers.

4. I-Fourth
This Colombian startup specializes in making a revolutionary device called HyperGenerator which has the capacity to provide clean water, clean energy, purified air and valuable ecological data, all in one. Their premiere invention in the field of global environmental research has the potential to revolutionize and improve the lives of billions of people across the planet. Currently present in South America, they are now expanding to the Middle-East, Europe and Africa. Founder Vahram Ayvazyan mentions that their vision is to deliver their hi-tech products to low income communities and to bridge social and technological innovations.

With such greatly diverse and super talented startups presenting at our events, it is a excellent learning opportunity for everyone and also generating awareness about some great innovative products. If you wish to apply to participate and present your own product, register here.

To attend our next event, register here. We look forward to meeting you!


Every month we feature the innovative startups that presented their Hardware & IoT ideas through our online pitching events. Here is a glimpse of the last Hardware Startup that shared its talents and visions with our audience!

CoinJar is a personal finance managing tool for bitcoin transactions. It allows users to move between currencies and make payments, purchases, send money and trade globally using bitcoins, pounds and dollars. Linking local cards and bank accounts for global access to personal wallet through the Bitcoin network is also available. CoinJar provides a swipe debit card for purchases and withdrawals in supported countries.

If you want to participate in this sharing and learning experience of our Online Pitching Event and present your own product you can register here.