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Celebrating Our Data Partners!

Data Partners Ecosystem Report

StartupBlink’s 2017 global report ranked over 900 cities based on the health of their startup ecosystems.  The scale of the report is unprecedented and it remains the largest study of startup ecosystems available online.  Our team dedicated countless hours – and thousands of cups of coffee – to build a map worth sharing with the world.  Additionally, we received critical support from key data partners who helped provide startup and business information related to their home ecosystems.  

Data partners are essential to StartupBlink’s rankings because they have the ability to continuously update their city’s profile with new startups and accelerators, ensuring no startup goes unmapped. Without their expertise, local knowledge, the report would not have become as successful as it has.   

We are now preparing for new updates to our global rankings.  Your input could help increase your city’s data on our map, heighten exposure for local initiatives and startups, and highlight pivotal growth needed to beat out competitor cities.  It’s an easy process to begin.  All we need is for interested data partners to share 5-20 new startups, accelerators, or other examples of startup related information. Please contact us if you are interested to become a data partner. This information allows us to better rank your ecosystem in relation to others – the more data the better.     

We’d like to recognize the following data partners and thank them for their contributions:

Annisa Goss, Oregon, USA. Annisa studied entrepreneurship at Oregon State University and is a staff member at OSU’s Advantage Accelerator.

Or David (University of Michigan), thanks for helping us out with startup data in Chicago and its surroundings.

Daria Markova in Berlin, Germany. Daria’s project is the Berlin Space-Shack, an innovative, space-themed coworking space.

Inês Faria in Braga, Portugal. Braga’s ecosystem would not be there if it wasn’t for the data supplied by Startup Braga.

Sara Madeira (and also Director Miguel Fontes) from StartupLisbon.

Eve Gesbert in Rennes & St.Malo, France. Eve’s project is La French Tech Rennes St Malo.

Fernanda Aldrette in Quito, Ecuador. Fernanda’s project is Impaqto.  

Mohamed Salah Boulila in Tunis, Tunisia. Mohamed’s project is Entrepreneurs of Tunisia.

Luis Diego Rojas in San José, Costa Rica. Luis’s project is Carao Ventures.

Zivile Maldeikyte in Vilnius, Lithuania. Zivile’s project is Startup Lithuania.

Thanks to Manuel Marin from EADA university, a long time mentor of ours and one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs we know.

Hats off to our friends at SiliconVikings, for doing an outstanding job connecting Silicon Valley with the Nordics/Baltics.

We also want to mention Split’s first ever Coworking space Amosfera, with a special thanks to both Ranko Milic and Marin Milicic for their awesome hospitality during our stay in Split.