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In this article, we will be talking about our partners who have made the Coronavirus Innovation Map possible. If you are interested in becoming one of our partners please contact us.

The Coronavirus Innovation Map is a resource for innovators and solution-seekers during this pandemic. This is why it is critical for us to keep it free for everyone with full functionality. To sustain the great costs of project development, marketing, and data gathering without charging is with the help of our partners. We present the organization who made this project possible:


The Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) is a platform launched by UNAIDS that acts as a neutral facilitator and broker of innovative solutions for health, particularly in the global South. HIEx has been working with countries on analysis of health priorities and needs, curating tailored health innovative solutions to match the needs, and brokering investments to ensure the sustainability of their implementation.

Moscow Agency of Innovations brings together the efforts of corporations, cities, and startups to turn Moscow into the global capital of innovations. It helps startups fine-tune new products and bring them to the market. It helps corporations find teams to address technology challenges. It tests and implements innovative solutions in the city.


StartupBlink is working with dozens of municipalities and government corporations during the year as our ecosystem partners. They take part in our activities such as ecosystem promotion, mapping, and consulting as. Their support throughout the year has allowed us to support this project without monetizing it and we are humbled by their want to help during these challenging times. By teaming up it shows that they cannot only take care of their own ecosystem but are interested in global integration and data flow which is critical for global innovation.


Aside from our Ecosystem Partners, we also have our information partners which help supply global unique data. We would want to thank them for the support.

Interested in becoming one of our partners? Please contact us.