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At StartupBlink we offer startup ecosystem development consulting through the use of our data and analytics. Governments and municipalities around the world are starting to understand that startup ecosystems are the new oil and it is the resource to invest in and create wealth. Public sector entities are starting off by putting tremendous amounts of money into startup ecosystem development. However, as we have learned working with dozens of governments and municipalities as part of Ecosystem Partnership program, they are committing a fundamental error.

First and foremost, thinking that enormous investments are the only thing that is needed to have a thriving startup ecosystem without any prior understanding of what works the best for different startup ecosystems and, most importantly plan or structure. Such information is critical and should include deep layered research on both, similar locations to yours and the past of your startup ecosystem. Nevertheless, it should be taken into account that every startup ecosystem is different and it changes according to regions. 

In this case, a highly qualified startup ecosystem development consultant could help you to avoid an ineffective waste of resources. By working together, you can set up a strategy that would meet your specific startup ecosystem needs and future expectations. This article will be all about the ways an experienced consultant can help you build your startup ecosystem. 

Where should it start? 

When it comes to ecosystems, there should always be a detailed plan on what steps ecosystem players are to take, be that investment or connection building. For setting up your goals and steps, invite a startup ecosystem consultant that could spend at least a month in your location discovering all the pros and cons to address. It is important to make sure that a consultant is an outsider and has no relation to a specific startup ecosystem. Additionally, it is fundamental to be absolutely free from bias without any preconceived ideas or attached to the current interest of the ecosystem. 

This way, a consultant can get into deep layers of the startup ecosystem and research it as a whole rather than following a particular trend. Together with startup ecosystem players, the consultant’s job is to decide which vertical should ecosystem focus on, what are its unique assets and what is the best way to leverage them based on past activities and achievements. 

Additionally, such a professional can help you build a startup ecosystem map taking into consideration the particular characteristics of a specific country. Those include but are not limited to the level of English, common mindset, and cultural elements that are connecting it with entrepreneurship, infrastructure and geopolitical conditions, i.e. easiness to get a visa and travel. This source of information is fundamental. It sets a firm ground for future developments, makes tracking activities within startup ecosystem effortless, and fundamentally, helps to avoid startup duplicates. Other than that, it is a great way to present your startup ecosystem globally and therefore, attract investments and talents.

As it is such an indispensable resource, it must be built with a complete understanding of how the startup ecosystem looks, i.e. what is the past and current momentum of the ecosystem, what are the top startups and leading sectors.

What is StartupBlink’s solution?

StartupBlink’s approach to this matter starts with an understanding that a consultant’s arrival is not to lecture the ecosystem based on the previous experiences but craft a unique development recipe for it. StartupBlink consultant emerges to a startup ecosystem during a month period, connects and helps ecosystem leaders to reconnect to all players and at the end of the visit, builds a plan from scratch based on natural advantages and challenges of that location.

In addition, we are offering tools allowing to achieve specific startup ecosystem goals. These goals include building an extended startup ecosystem strategy and, certainly, a map for your particular location. At StartupBlink, we are incorporating technology to create visuals that talk for themselves, i.e. startup ecosystem maps that present top startups, coworking spaces, and accelerators. For more information, please refer to our website

Public sector players that want to take their startup ecosystems step forward are invited to join Ecosystem Partnership programme that consists of various startup ecosystem development modules based on particular needs. The consulting module is part of our partnership that will allow executing a set strategy with promotion, customized research, and mapping of your startup ecosystem. 

For more information, make sure to visit us here. Looking forward to building a booming startup ecosystem with you!