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December 2018 Featured Hardware and IoT Startups

Another successful month has passed and we continue cheering for our strong community of hardware and IoT startups. We bring to you some interesting hardware and IoT startups that pitched in our regular Hardware Startup Pitching event and shared their stories, ideas, challenges, and milestones with us. This month we feature 4 startups from across the globe that are disrupting in the fields of smart home solutions, augmented reality driving solutions, high-precision 3D scanners and plant grow automation.

Our Hardware Startup Pitching event that takes place regularly aims to provide a platform to budding hardware and IoT startup entrepreneurs to not just pitch their startup in front of a global audience but also connect with other founders, receive expert advice from industry leaders and a chance to get featured on our blog. Register here for our next event.

Here is more about this month’s 4 amazing hardware and IoT startups that pitched in our event:

#1 Kirio
Founded in 2015, Kirio is a Seattle-based firm offering centralized, multi-protocol instrumentation for core building infrastructure systems. This integrated Building Management System (BMS) offers residential and commercial owners unparalleled comfort, safety, energy savings and one-touch total control.

The Kirio device interacts with a wide array of HVAC, lighting, irrigation, security, batteries, window coverings, indoor air quality devices, sensors and more. Kirio has multiple residential and commercial deployment sites and projects to accelerate deployment by early 2019.

The product is professionally installed with no programming and most automation project are completed in a matter of hours. This translates into much lower deployment costs and unparalleled flexibility in the device selection for building owners. With its centralized and protocol agnostic approach, Kirio provides greater functionality and unsurpassed data insights.

#2 Aura Innovation
Aura Innovation is using Augmented Reality to create the driving tools of the future. The technology is called Heads-Up Display (HUD) and is being used in entirely new applications. Aura’s focus is in commercial fleet vehicles (delivery, trucking, emergency, taxi and bus). Their features are entirely dedicated to optimizing a fleet’s performance by creating a holographic virtual interface projected through the windshield onto the road ahead. The team of developers have spent the past 2 years in North America, Europe and Asia creating the hardware and software behind this vision.

The device is called the Atlas One and sits on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel. The device enables the fleet manager and driver to be connected and communicate. The hologram features assist the driver with their GPS navigation, speeding, braking and lane detection. The device records data in a web portal and helps the fleet manager assess improvements and predictions for their fleet.

Aura is currently piloting with some large delivery fleets and collaborating with several automakers to develop features for electric and semi-autonomous vehicles.

#3 KIRI Innovation
Many people have realized the great potentials of 3D printers. You can literally make everything out of the imagination, there’s no limit of what a 3D printer can do in your life! But to use the 3D printer, you have to know how to 3D model using CAD. In fact, even if people would know how to use CAD, it’s still impossible to make complex geometries with it. Which means for many people, you may not be able to 3D print what you actually want to 3D print, because of the complexity of your project.

What if, there is a way that allows you to 3D print anything, regardless of the complexity and the CAD skills? KIRI Innovation focuses on developing an affordable high-precision 3D scanners for consumers. The 3D scanner can scan a physical object and automatically output computer 3D models which can be manipulated and 3D printed without 3D modelling software like CAD. The company targets the fast-growing consumer 3D printer industry and aims to develop an affordable 3D scanner that works with all 3D printers.

#4 Kind Control
Home cannabis grow automation should be easy. Kind Control’s four outlet automation system takes the pain out of time, interval and sensor data based automation. Monitor your grow in real time, visualize power consumption and sensor data to gain insights that make you a better grower.

It is great to see such an amazing line-up of hardware and IoT products and we congratulate their founders for their innovative ideas. If you are a hardware or IoT startup looking to pitch your idea for our next event, please sign up here.