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Rankfull: Democratizing Employment

Learn more about Rankfull's innovative approach to employer reviews and job searches.
Rankfull – “What it’s like to work where.”

You don’t need this blog post to tell you corporate structures can be manipulative, damaging, and misleading.  Alternatively, employers have also found themselves on the receiving end of disparaging public comments from disgruntled employees.  In both cases, clarity is lacking.  Rankfull, a startup out of Portland, Oregon is working hard to ensure that job applicants and employers have an even playing field for feedback and workplace reviews.  CEO Kristine Campbell’s company offers employees and human resource practitioners the ability to engage on a verified and anonymous platform. Rankfull is an exciting addition to StartupBlink’s new, City Partnership Program program, which focuses on highlighting innovative new companies and giving them the attention they deserve!

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Docintosh: A New Social Network Exclusively for Doctors

StartupBlink welcomes Docintosh to our traction membership program!
Supporting doctors via a powerful and supportive social network.

During the course of an average superhero movie, a leading character may save a few lives throughout the week.  All the while, soaking up the admiration and support of a loving fanbase.  Doctors, on the other hand, save hundreds of lives a year and rarely get the credit they deserve.  Surgeons and physicians have often expressed that they have only their teams to look to for support and understanding.  Docintosh, a startup based in Mumbai, has produced a new social networking platform for doctors to share professional knowledge and support.  StartupBlink would like to welcome their team to our Traction Membership Program! Continue reading Docintosh: A New Social Network Exclusively for Doctors

Porque Digital: The Future is Now!

Porque Digital - The Future is Now

Covering a startup at its exact moment of inception is an exciting privilege.  It provides insight into the early beginnings of creativity, passion, and burgeoning business success. Porque Digital recently made its debut on the global digital media marketing stage in autumn 2017.  StartupBlink congratulates the Porque Digital team, and Founder, Aldo Castro, on their new company.   We’d also like to welcome them to the StartupBlink Traction Membership Program! Continue reading Porque Digital: The Future is Now!

Tools & Tips: Wrike’s Project Management Platform

Wrike’s Project Management Platform

Managing projects can be tricky, especially in the startup world.  Our day to day meetings, tasks, calls, emails, and shifting priorities can make it difficult to keep track of important objectives.  Thankfully, an innovative platform is tackling some of these problems.  Wrike provides online project management tools that enable teams to increase collaboration while simplifying the planning process – less headaches and more productivity. Continue reading Tools & Tips: Wrike’s Project Management Platform