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Why is ANSYS the Best Engineering Simulation Tool for Startups?

Why is ANSYS the Best Engineering Simulation Tool for StartupsHardware startups, like all startups, are mired in uncertainties. Is your idea going to work in the real world? Is the technology feasible? How would new features improve your product? These are questions that engineering simulation software can help startups answer.

ANSYS engineering simulation software is used by some of the largest companies as well as universities around the globe. ANSYS is also turning its attention to the immense potential and innovation of startups, and has launched a special Startup Program customized to the limited resources founders have as they build new enterprises. Understanding the specific challenges faced by startups in validating their ideas and developing their technology, the ANSYS Startup Program is heavily discounted and aims to help startups build their products with ease. This program is available for select hardware startups only (click here to know if you qualify).

In this post, we talk about why simulation is important for startups, and why ANSYS has the best engineering simulation software for startups.

Why should startups consider simulation?

We have already discussed in a previous article why simulation is important for hardware startups, but let’s review the main points again:

A hardware startup leveraging engineering simulation software can design and test their product in a risk-free virtual environment before investing precious resources (money and time) in a physical prototype. Susan Coleman, marketing manager of the ANSYS Startup Program helps explain this better, “The main advantages of simulation engineering software are that it allows engineers to greatly reduce the design timeline and costs associated with product development.”

With ANSYS, startups can test their ideas in a low risk environment at a fraction of the cost and time that it would take to build a physical prototype. It also helps gather accurate results on how the product will perform in the real world.

Why ANSYS is the best engineering simulation software for startups?

Why is ANSYS the Best Engineering Simulation Tool for StartupsReady to start testing your product and optimizing it? Here’s why you should consider ANSYS:

1. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies: ANSYS simulation software has proven to be effective for leading companies in various industries like automotive, aerospace and semiconductor production. Susan Coleman from ANSYS confirms this in an interview with StartupBlink, “ANSYS engineering simulation software is used by 96 of the top 100 industrial companies on the Fortune 500 list and by over 40,000 companies worldwide. Successful companies would not have their engineering teams relying on this technology if it didn’t make a huge impact on their success.”

While ANSYS works with some of the largest companies in the world, the ANSYS Startup Program is greatly discounted and aimed at helping startups launch with a minimal investment of money and time.

2. Helps startups stretch funding: Most startups invest a lot of time in getting funding, rather than building a product that works well and will be accepted by customers. With the help of ANSYS’ Startup Program (which is greatly discounted), startups can stretch their funding further while they are validating how their technology will work in the real world. They can then seek additional investors with an idea that already works, leading to a larger valuation.

3. Helps investors see the startup’s potential: Investors need to see that startups can deliver on their promise. Engineering simulation software helps startups demonstrate that.

4. Improves time and cost efficiency for startups: ANSYS’ engineering simulation software bundles for startups are priced to be highly affordable, thus helping startups to scale in a cost-effective manner. This is a great opportunity for startups to use a industry-leading technology to design and test their prototype.

ANSYS provides startups with software that they can use to see how their product would work in real life without spending too much precious time and money on testing and development. As Susan explains, “Research and development costs are greatly driven by the time, resources, and prototype development and testing expenses. Engineering simulation software positively impacts all of these things creating a much more efficient product development process. In the time it would normally take to design and test one physical prototype you could do many design iterations and tests virtually at only the cost of the engineers doing the work and the software.”

5. Helps startups deliver on their product promise: Startups should make getting a successful product to market their highest priority to avoid having to redesign after customer feedback. Moreover, with product lifecycles becoming shorter, it is imperative for startups to develop new features at a faster rate to stay ahead of the competition. This is where ANSYS shines.

6. Available across various industries: ANSYS works with startups across different industries like aerospace and defense, healthcare, energy, automotive, high-tech, and more. In fact, any startup that is designing a physical product or trying to gain an understanding of how their software will operate inside a physical product can benefit from the ANSYS Startup Program.

7. Instant access to ANSYS solutions: In the startup world time is money, and ANSYS realizes this. As soon as startups join the ANSYS Startup Program, they are given instant access to the whole set of ANSYS solutions in order to build virtual prototypes of their products. The virtual prototypes can then quickly be tested and modified inside the simulation software in a fraction of the time it would take for companies to test similar physical prototypes.

Eligible startups get access to ANSYS’ Startup Program multiphysics bundles, including a structural and fluids bundle, an electromagnetics bundle and an embedded software bundle.

8. Provides quality assurance: ANSYS is committed to providing the absolute best customer experience to their customers around the world. They realize that engineers depend on the results of their software so their goal is to always ensure accurate results. They provide this through their Quality Assurance Program, dedicated technical support and stringent testing before releases.

9. Provides excellent customer support: Members of the ANSYS Startup Program receive access to the Customer Portal equivalent to that of a commercial customer. The portal provides access to self-guided learning materials and the ability to submit a ticket.

10. Vast network of industry-leading partnerships: ANSYS has a large network of partnerships with leading vendors across different industries. This network allows ANSYS customers to get preferred vendors to maximize their ANSYS software. ANSYS boasts various high-performance computing partners (such as Microsoft, NVIDIA Corp, and Oracle), software partners (such as DatapointLabs, and Dynardo), academic partners, performance partners, and cloud hosting partners.