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We’ve started 2019 with a bang and hosted a very successful Hardware Startup Pitching event this month. We had a record attendance for this event, having an audience of many innovative entrepreneurs and startups. 4 selected startups pitched during the event and additionally shared their stories, ideas, challenges, and milestones with us. In this blog, we will feature these 4 startups that are disrupting in the varied fields of renewable energy storage, home bartending, IoT product development estimator and flower sensors.

StartupBlink aims to keep our community of hardware and IoT startups engaged with regular events and we would like to announce that registrations are open for our next webinar titled “Learn How to Build a Hardware Startup Successfully” on 6th Feb 2019. Join this webinar to learn some ideas on how your startup can meet with success.

Here is more about this month’s 4 amazing hardware and IoT startups that pitched in our event:

#1 H2 Energy Now

The greatest barrier to enable the use of renewable energy is having energy storage for longer than 8 hours. With proper energy storage, renewable energy will be available 66% more than it is today. H2 Energy Now does this by creating a perfect energy storage medium using hydrogen from separating water through the use of electromagnetic waves. They have achieved milestones like speaking to customers and understanding their requirements in the product, built a proof of principle based upon meeting their needs, filed patents and assembled a team having a combined experience of 350 years. They are presently involved in technology commercialization and are 2018 NASA iTech finalists.

#2 SirMixABot

SirMixABot is a robotic bartender for the “Drinker Tinkerer”! With a few hand tools, a fun weekend project resulted in a unique home automated bartender capable of mixing thousands of cocktails. They’ve had amazing early adopters and sold their SirMixABot “Mega” kit around the world. Now, they are finishing the development of the SirMixABot “Sixer”, which they plan to spread further across the home bartender market. Both the smart appliance and craft cocktail scene are exploding, and their team’s engineering strength and startup experience positions them for ongoing success in this emerging market.

#3 Breadware Development Estimator

The Breadware Development Estimator is a free-to-use, online tool that immediately provides an estimate of the engineering cost, the development timeline, and breakout of key disciplines required at each stage of a device’s development. This tool is for all those developing new IoT products – a startup founder with an idea, a small industrious team getting ready to build a prototype, or a burgeoning corporation keen to build a new intelligent version of one of their existing product lines. The founders built this tool because they found that teams struggle the most with their IoT initiatives in the beginning while using conventional processes. IoT projects are so complex that it is not possible to estimate the overall development effectively until after a proof-of-concept is built. However, often to get funding/budget approval to build a proof-of-concept, the teams need an estimate of the overall costs and timeline of the initiative. The Breadware Development Estimator hopes to change this paradigm and be able to put forward the critical information and confidence required by teams to get started with IoT products.

#4 Greensens

Affordable Greensens flower sensors allow users to monitor the health of you flowers and plants. Users can connect up to 10 flower sensors to a hub and monitor their health ad status through an app. They can also see exactly how much water, light and temperature their plant needs to be happy. Once they add their plant details to the app and insert a flower sensor to their pot, they get real-time updates. Users additionally receive notifications for when thier plant needs watering, more sunlight, or a change in temperature. Flowers and plants will be happier with the Greensens Flower Sensor.

It is great to see such an amazing line-up of hardware and IoT products and we congratulate their founders for their innovative ideas. If you are a hardware or IoT startup looking to pitch your idea for our next event, please sign up here for our next pitching event. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel where we post past pitches of our events.

Our next webinar on “Learn How to Build a Hardware Startup Successfully” happens on 6th Feb 2019. Register here.