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Steven A. Rodriguez from Washington, DC walks us through the startup ecosystem

In this episode, Eli talks with Steven A. Rodriguez who is the Techstars Startup Programs Regional Manager for US and Canada, Founder/Managing Director of SUEGO and Chief Culture Officer at BloomShift. Also, Steven is StartupBlink’s City Partner in Washington, DC and is determined to help build the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the local, national and international stage.

Steven came to Washington, DC 4 years ago for politics but found himself in entrepreneurship instead. He worked for different support organizations for the ones who are starting their business. Steven is passionate about programs that inspire to choose entrepreneurship for economic, community and ecosystem development. 

He also presents the region’s strengths and ways that the government has added to the success of the local startup ecosystem and its development. On top of that, he shares some tips on how entrepreneurs can improve their startup ecosystem, encouraging people to give first.  

We believe that this episode could be relevant for everyone developing their startup ecosystem or wanting to learn more about the ecosystems out there. 

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