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Where are the power hubs of innovation around the world? While some ecosystems have become more isolated lately, in this episode we are taking a look at the power that comes with being connected. Listen to get the summary of the trends of the regional startup ecosystems.

Regional Analysis Key Insights & Trends

Distribution of cities are throughout the global top 1000
  • North America is once again the most successful region, with a high presence of cities in all top tiers and generally positive momentum from both United States and Canadian cities.
  • Europe has had another interesting year. It has the highest number of countries and cities in the rankings, but many of them, especially in Eastern and Central Europe have experienced negative momentum.
  • The results documented in the Asia Pacific region were largely positive, as most of the top ranked countries and cities increased their rankings. The main concern is the surprising negative momentum in Asia’s most powerful ecosystem, China.
  • As for Latin America, the trend is mostly positive. The top Latin American cities have substantially increased in rank, solidifying their positions as substantial hubs of regional and global innovation. However, the Latin American tech scene has become much more centralized; while the top cities increase in their rankings, 22 cities dropped out of the Index this year. This leaves the region with only 60 cities in the Index.
  • Results in Africa and the Middle East were less positive, as the number of cities representing the region decreased to 57, compared to 74 cities last year. Africa, however, managed to get one city, Lagos, into the global top 100, making it the only African city to ever reach this rank.

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Key Insights Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2022

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