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There are many different startup and innovation industries, including Fintech, Health, and Hardware startups. In this section of the blog, we provide information on different vertical industries and startup innovations.

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As the aerospace industry experiences growth, governments globally are increasingly recognizing its potential, evident in the record-breaking global government expenditure on space programs reaching approximately US$ 103 billion in 2022 (Statista). This governmental interest aligns with the industry’s strategic importance, fostering advancements in aerospace technologies. Illustrating the promise this sector holds for innovation, SpaceX emerges […]
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The aerospace industry is experiencing a dynamic shift with innovative startups pushing the boundaries of technology and exploration. According to Space Foundation (2023), the value of the global space economy will increase by 8%, reaching $546 billion in 2022, and is anticipated to experience a further 41% increase in the next five years, as reported […]
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Within our database, the Healthtech sector emerges as a significant one, constituting 12.83% of all sampled startups, thereby securing its position as the second-largest industry, surpassed only by Software & Data.  This article showcases the top 10 cities for healthtech startups. A comprehensive analysis report on 100 cities, as well as regional analysis is available […]
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New industries receive the spotlight even in the midst of an IT sector crisis, showing that investors are still active in the market, as long as they can focus on startup industries that seem to be on the rise. At the same time, some industries that have been historically popular are now being swept off […]