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Software and Data
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Marketing & Sales
#205 worldwide

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startup iconRenderforest
startup iconSoloLearn
startup iconKrisp

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The Startup Ecosystem of Yerevan is ranked at number 244 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 38 spots since 2021. Yerevan also ranks at number 1 in Armenia, and 19 in Eastern Europe.

Yerevan is an ideal place to locate for Software and Data, Education and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in Yerevan, there is a sample of 14 Software and Data startups in Yerevan, 7 Education startups in Yerevan, and 4 Marketing & Sales startups in Yerevan, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 37 startups in Yerevan, 1 accelerators in Yerevan, 4 coworking spaces in Yerevan, no organizations in Yerevan and no leaders in Yerevan.

Startups in Yerevan

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Renderforest is free online video production platform which allows individuals and businesses create broadcast quality videos including wedding, family and traveling photo slideshows, explainer and promotional videos, logo animations, kinetic typography and much more. Read more
SoloLearn is an community learning platform where student can learn, create, and share programming content with peers around the globe. Read more
Krisp brings freedom and flexibility to people and empowers them to be more productive and Professional when working remotely. Read more
Powerful all-in-one online platform for podcasters to create, enhance and distribute their podcasts. Read more
Light-Touch Relocation.Invest in an outstanding welcome without breaking the budget. Perfect for early careers and mid-level talent moves. Read more
Teamable is an Intelligent Employee Referral Platform which allows companies to find specialists or cadres. Read more
Tutor is The Ultimate Platform to Run the Teaching and Learning Seamlessly Read more
Tech Company specialised in consumer electronics, smart home devices, wearables and software. Read more
Peer to peer recognition and reward system to make employees super engaged, recognized, and rewarded. Read more
GTranslate is an automatic website translation tool which translates your site with a single click between 58 languages (more than 98% of internet users).  Read more
inKin Wellness Social Platform is designed for active and adventurous people who care about their well-being and the health of their friends and family. With inKin desktop or mobile versions you can: • team up with your friends and family across the world to follow their fitness results & healthy lifestyle choices; • challenge and compete with each other regardless of which app or device you are using; log your activities manually if you haven’t gotten one yet; • create inKin profiles for your children and senior family members to stay updated on their health and well-being; • set up goals and reach them together with a group of like-minded people; • invite friends to become your coaches or mentors or vice versa become a personal coach and an inspiration for hundreds of people across the world; • find friends for fitness and sports in your local community; • save detailed reports on your success towards a healthier lifestyle; Read more
A suite of solutions to help you run your Wordpress and Joomla Websites. Read more
Zangi is a private messenger driving innovation in high-quality secure communication. Read more
Web search engine for Armenian cemetery and grave records. Read more
Expper Technologies is a robotics company that develops social robots that serve as a companion for kids in hospitals. Read more
Empowered with virtual reality technologies and tools, PandaMR is a forward-looking project that aims to drive a new era of tech-enabled transformation for the global event industry. It's an event hosting software for creating, hosting, & participating in virtual events. Read more
Shadowmatic is an imagination stirring puzzle game where users can rotate abstract objects in a spotlight to find recognizable silhouettes in projected shadows, relevant to the surrounding environment. Read more
Granatus Ventures is a technology venture capital firm. Read more
CodeTrace is a real-time skills assessment software that measures developer’s expertise based on their code. Read more
Uraaa is an e-commerce application that matches the customer needs with the offerings of the partner stores. Read more
Lumzag is world’s most secure backpack which comes with the most unique innovative features a backpack has ever offered. Read more
Menu Group is an online venture providing the online flowers, beverages and restaurant food delivery service in the Caucasus. Read more
Version Control and Collaboration Hub for AI Teams Read more
ForgeFiction delivers original content to media industry by enabling fiction fans to collaborate and create new stories and fictional worlds Read more
PinoKIT is a 1st in the world subject-based training kit powered by (the most popular educational platform) Raspberry Pi that makes STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) students bridge the theory and practice through fascinating and super engaging hands-on experiments. Read more
Add a revenue stream to your VR/AR app with exciting 360º VR ads from top brands in our VR/AR Ad Network. Read more
Retail eCommerce software that will help you to combine all customers, order management, inventory management, shipping and accounting integrations in one platform and manage everything with high accuracy with less time. Read more
CodeTrace is a real-time skills assessment software that measures the developer’s expertise based on their code. CodeTrace uses code lexical analyses to generate various metrics based on developer's code. Read more
CodeFights is an intense and competitive, yet very friendly platform, where you can test your coding skills. Read more
A travel accommodation that fuses the concept of a hotel with the conveniences of a fully furnished apartment, offering guests comfort and flexibility. Read more
DIctoro is a free platform for scores prediction. You can participate to leagues, follow live scores, players stats and much more Read more
Eye Motion Team is developing eye recovery games for children with eye diseases and low vision, as well as for IT companies and clinics. We cooperate with medical centers and highly qualified specialists. The games provided by our team aim to transform correctional exercises into entertaining and interesting process, assisting physicians and parents for assessment for progress. Read more
Forkize is all-in-one Mobile Experience Management platform for games and app publishers. It enables businesses to experiment any aspect of their game or app (app or game dynamics, artworks, economies, etc...) through real-time A/B testing, analyze user behavior and deliver personalized content without any coding or re-submitting their apps to app stores. Forkize clients can benefit from the A/B testing and data personalization and do it without any heavy resource consumption and focus their resources on their main strategic initiatives.  Read more
Getting eCommerce into 360 virtual reality. It is totally enough to make 360 Photo of your venue ONCE. Then the most interesting question will be what you can sell inside? And what kind of stories can be added by your customers or friends. We focus to create tools to manage your 360 Virtual Tours. We have the best solution to host reality in interactive way. Read more is an anonymous social network where people can anonymously tell their friends the things they would never say in person. There are 3 key points in Truthly. Anonymity If a person knows there is even 1% probability that the friend will find out who told them the truth, or in other words they will be «caught», they will refrain from speaking out. There’s no possibility of "being caught" on There is no need to register on the website or provide any personal data, you just need to find your friend from the home page and send them a message. Real friends People really have to prove that they know the person before sending them messages (for example, they need to know their phone number or must be on their Facebook friends list). Private messages In the messages, which people send to others, are private, i.e. no one can know about them - only the sender and the person who gets them. Read more
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