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The Tunisia Startup Ecosystem is emerging innovation hub, ranked at number 83 globally, and shows a negative momentum -1 spots since 2021. Tunisia also ranks at number 3 for startups in Northern Africa.

There are 1 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Tunisia and the top ranked city in Tunisia is Tunis at 417 globally. Tunis is followed by undefined at undefined and undefined at undefined.

Tunisia is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Software and Data and Social & Leisure startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 12 Fintech startups in Tunisia, 8 Software and Data startups in Tunisia and 5 Social & Leisure startups in Tunisia, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 41 startups in Tunisia, no accelerators in Tunisia, 4 coworking spaces in Tunisia, no organizations in Tunisia and no leaders in Tunisia.

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Tunis, Tunisia

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40 startups in representative sample
Expensya is an expense management software that modernizes how to handle business expenses Read more
GoMyCode is an educational platform that trains talents on digital skills and connects them with tech opportunities around the world. Read more
Enda Tamweel is a microfinance company. Read more
IntiGo is a bike taxi startup that allows users to book bike rides. Read more
Enova Robotics is a company specialized in mobile robot development and robotics R&D projects. It is the first company in Africa and in the Arab world that designs and manufactures its own-branded robots. Read more
AutoPlus is operates an automotive aftermarket retail and service chain. Read more
Game development and publishing company specializing in casual mobile gaming Read more
We make beekeeping Efficient, Profitable & Sustainable through our SmartBee Devices. Read more
Dabchy is a localized fashion marketplace where women can buy and sell their clothing online. Read more
We bridge data gaps in dairy ecosystems, AgTech, SaaS, Hardware Read more
Wantotrip is an international travel platform offering authentic and themed travel packages around the world for communities or individuals. Read more
Reedz is a mobile app providing audiobook summaries of the best selling books in the world, along with the most interesting podcasts. Read more
The objective of ilBoursa is to develop the stock market and economic culture in Tunisia and to help increase the visibility of the Tunis Stock Exchange to attract new investors. Read more
SeekMake is an online platform that offers customers the opportunity to benefit from the services of CNC machines (3D printing, laser cutting and milling) and customize accessories.  Read more
Evey Technologies is a Mobile and Multi-Sided Social Platform that helps Communities & Organizations take decisions with real time votes / surveys and a combination of automated data analytics and Social Network Mapping Read more
SgharToon is a platform created for children with educational troubles , to help have a better educational life. Read more
Kaoun is a company that uses distributed ledger technologies and data science to change the payments and credits landscape of the MEA region Read more
Katomi’s approach is to provide an alternative solution, for doctors, to the problems of managing medical images generated in daily practice: photos of patients (before and after), images of lesions, radiological images, etc. Katomi allows you to manage archiving, viewing and comparison of medical photos in a simple and secure way. Read more
RoamSmart is one of the world pioneers in providing Roaming Solutions for Mobile Operators by helping them proactively optimize workflows and monetize the existing roaming data. We aim to optimize the way how to manage Roaming activities. Read more
branper help you get insights and trends of consumption behavior, predict market reactions and optimize your BI.through tailored surveys via our quantified perception algorithm, to deliver dashboards with 10 KPI's, and benchmark the competition. Read more
WEREACT Tunisia is a CREATIVE AGENCY innovated in 2017, equipped with a distinguished combination combining the moxie in the development of results technologies, the mode for graphic design and the spirit of innovative marketing communication. Technologie : Node js , React js , React-native, Type Script , Javascript  Read more
Ijeni is a marketplace that allows you to find the service that you need in one minute!  Read more
Konnect provides a cross borders payment solution intended to simplify complex financial flows allowing companies of any scale and size to send and receive payments in a practical, secure, and low-cost way. Read more
Attila Tel is a real estate company that offer its customers a range of high standing apartments and extensive services. Read more is an online platform specializing in the sale of video courses. Read more
Deepera.AI specializes in offering AI-based solutions to provide better financial advisory services and strategies for its clients. Read more
Ahmini is a technological facilitator that enables rural women to be integrated into the social security system and insurance coverage. Read more
Utopixar is a software company that develops websites and applications for the communities. Read more
Junior Robotics Lab is an educational robot manufacturer. Read more
We bridge data gaps in dairy ecosystems, AgTech, SaaS, Hardware Read more
Farm Trust is an E-commerce platform for fruits and vegetables that provide traceability through blockchain. Read more
Sqoin is blockchain and cryptocurrency tech startup. Read more
TIRA ROBOTS is the first manufacturer of industrial robotic arms in Tunisia, Africa and MENA region. TIRA provides fast, precise and high-quality robots that can be integrated into your production line making you ready for the industry 4.0 Read more
Defusor aims to detect harmful content ranging from fabricated news to deliberate disinformation, biased propaganda, hate speech and viral misinformation in both on Facebook and on online Media. Read more
RoamSmart is one of the world pioneer in providing Roaming Solutions for Mobile Operators by helping them proactively optimize workflows and monetize the existing roaming data. We aim to optimize the way how to manage Roaming activities. Read more
Datavora is delivering a Web scale E-Commerce monitoring for B2C actors. It crawls hundreds of Web Sites and marketplaces. It analyzes the market supply through fresh data extracted continuously. Read more
Telematik is a tunisian startup with participation from Tunisie Telecom, N°1 telco operator in Tunisia. We launched a fleet management and telematics app called "Fleetium" to help businesses get the most of their fleet. Fleetium is your startup alternative to Tomtom Lite and much cheaper. We are launching in the coming months "KubiK", an app that helps people enhance their “car experience”, save/analyze driving and lower insurance bill. Telematik is based in Zaghouan, Tunisia. Read more
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