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The Startup Ecosystem of Tucson is ranked at number 260 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -21 spots since 2021. Tucson also ranks at number 76 in United States, and 89 in North America.

Tucson is an ideal place to locate for Foodtech, Health and Fintech startups. As the most popular industries in Tucson, there is a sample of 15 Foodtech startups in Tucson, 5 Health startups in Tucson, and 5 Fintech startups in Tucson, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 48 startups in Tucson, no accelerators in Tucson, no coworking spaces in Tucson, no organizations in Tucson and no leaders in Tucson.

Startups in Tucson

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World View Enterprises offers innovative flight technologies that provide a unique perspective of Earth from the edge of space. Read more
Pyx Health is a mobile solution that reduces loneliness and social isolation. Read more
SaaS platform for creating and managing unforgettable charity fundraising experiences. Read more
Phantom Space focuses on space transportation technology including satellites, propulsion, and launch vehicles. Read more
Tucson Tamale is a food production company that offers free local delivery to selected areas and curbside pickup. Read more
A small videogame merchandise company . Read more
PitchVantage is an e-learning platform that uses AI to deliver instant feedback on presentation skills. Read more
Menopause research company offering digial communities, health tracking tech and synbiotics supplements including CBD. Read more
Metropia optimizes transportation systems by using behavioral economics to influence drivers to shift departure times, routes and modes. Read more
NoteBowl is developing a campus life solution for higher education that aggregates all information and people into one social platform. Our vision is to create a user-friendly platform where any member of a campus community can connect with others, collaborate on work, and ultimately be more efficient in achieving their everyday tasks. And since everyone is in one place, we can leverage the data generated on the platform to give administrators the necessary information to increase student engagement and identify students who are at a high-risk of dropping out. Through this data analysis, we can increase student success both inside and outside the classroom. Furthermore, we provide a universal messaging system and the ability to directly market university services to students based on their needs and interests, thus potentially unlocking new revenue streams. NoteBowl also integrates legacy learning management and administrative systems into one beautiful and intuitive user interface. Read more
ViewSpection is an app and a web platform that enables a policyholder to do their own property inspection. Read more
Pagely created the Managed WordPress hosting space in 2009, and has been providing secure and reliable WP hosting services to companies like Facebook and NGINX with a focus on: Performance: Opcode caching, full page caching, optimized PHP and Database setups are essentially platform defaults now instead of the customer trying to figure it out on their own with a mix of plugins and research. More sensible resource balancing on shared setups (old shared hosting providers were notorious for overselling). Collectively these things have made WordPress dramatically faster (vs. a default install) in most use cases. Security: Some level of malware/file scanning, hardened OS installs, least-privileged access, web application firewalls and DDoS mitigation may be defaults at most Managed WordPress providers now. You don’t hear about widespread security issues as we did in say the 2008-2011 period Read more
We make Input Devices. Our latest product that we want to make will be named the K Type Keyboard. Like all our keyboards, it will have mechanical keyswitches, be fully programmable, and the design will be Open Source. New with the K Type, will be extremely colorful RGB Backlighting using the most advanced LED controller in any keyboard. This keyboard is for everyone who spends time typing. We want people who spend time writing, playing games, and doing work to love what they do. Read more
Customer: community power consumers and legacy utility providers Product: distributed clean energy production and storage automation tools for any scale Data Science as a service: visual bigdata ui for renewable energy production insights, storage and optimization by advanced sensory i/o for solar and wind energy generation and storage management. Energy Storage Device Controllers Supporting Modular Computational Infrastructures, IaaS Open Source Energy: Point to Point Power Equity Energy Rights Management Engaged with development of Clark County Kansas Community Microgrid + Cloud Facilitator of 150mhw Wind Project under construction in the Philippines Additional Future Projects already in the pipeline: Tucson, AZ Phoenix, AZ Bibo, NM Chama, NM Plains, KS Gate, OK & Guam Because: wind powers clouds! Read more
The Rosebud Open Fit Ready-to-Wear Digital Hearing Aids will help you to; understand speech more clearly, Enjoy watching TV at a comfortable volume and filter out that annoying background noise, while simultaneously amplifying human voices. Rosebud Open Fits are digital hearing aids and are best suited for individuals with mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss.  Read more
Tasty Minstrel Games designs and develops physical board games. We are looking to expand our product line and license our IP for mobile game development. Since January 2010, we have released 7 games. Eminent Domain sold it's initial 5,000 copy print run before manufacturing was completed, Belfort sold out of 2,000 copies in 6 weeks, and Martian Dice is selling well too. Currently, we have another 5 titles in our active pipeline which we expect to be released within the next 18 months. Read more
Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals develops prevention therapies for people with elevated risk for cancer in the U.S. Read more
Lunewave is a technology company developing disruptive antenna and radar sensor technology by leading experts in millimeter wave frequency engineering. Our products are geared towards a variety of markets including automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and research for applications such as autonomous transportation, 5G delivery, and drones. Read more
MG is an agricultural technology company that provides out-of-season produce to restaurants, grocery stores, and schools. Read more
SalutarisMD is a clinical-stage radiotherapeutic company with a treatment for various eye diseases, including anti-VEGF resistant wet-AMD. Read more
Sentinel Monitoring Systems is at-line and in-line QC systems for ultra-rapid detection of microbial contamination. Read more
One stop solution for all kinds of finance assignment help. Hire highly qualified and experienced finance experts to complete your assignment. Read more
Applied Energetics develops and manufactures lasers, high voltage electron beam systems, and other applied energy systems. Read more
RxActuator is the manufacturer of an animal-use-only wearable medical device, the Mini-Infuser pump. Read more
Aqualung Therapeutics is developing a novel, anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibody strategy to treat serious unchecked inflammation. Read more
StimAire is a neural stimulation company. Read more
Quoteapro is a digital marketplace for recyclables. Read more
CropTrak specializes in the fields of farm management information system, vineyard management tools, and electronic farm records. Read more
Codelucida develops error-correction technology for applications in non-volatile memories. Read more
Cairn Therapeutics transforms the treatment of cancer by overcoming the current limitations of the current therapies. Read more
A biotechnology company based in Tucson, Arizona . Read more
As a next generation company, Grannus actively seeks a ''portfolio shift to green'' throughout its development pipeline. Read more
Regulonix is a biotechnology company that develops non-opioid drugs for chronic pain. Read more
We are a safety-first, tire telemetry sensor for bicycles with a vision to improve urban mobility, safety, and sustainability with data. Read more
Radiance Therapeutics is commercializing a clinically demonstrated novel anti-metabolite therapy for glaucoma drainage surgery Read more
AcroVape offers a battery powered vaporizer for the best tasting and smoothest dab. Read more
RV Wheelator® has found that the majority of the people selling RVs are in an ""At Need"" situation. Read more
Outski solves Ameria's vacation problem with B2B solution called 401(play), a health and financial wellness employee benefit. Read more
TALK Accounting codes and verifies your transactions to automate bookkeeping via voice-to-data system. Read more
BlackRock Brewers are committed to the highest quality in all of our craft beers. This starts with the best ingredients available, and attention to detail, and a commitment to quality. We also have the approach of not only catering to craft beer enthusiasts, but the average Joe too. Our beers range from mild to hoppy, light to dark, as well as seasonal and specialty brews. Our Wee Heavy has won 3 medals in competitions, We plan a 15 barrel production brewery. We'll start self distributing locally, and expand into the rest of Arizona with a distributor. Bottling or canning will be added later. We will have a tasting room for groups, and events, with a small stage for live music. Food will be provided by some of the state's best gourmet food trucks. Adding our own kitchen later is under discussion. Our Mission: To create nationwide demand and local prominence. Our Vision: Crafting the most admired beer in the world. BlackRock Brewers Admiration Served  Read more
We sell over the counter reading glasses. Like Dr. Scholl's, we use an innovative kiosk that walks costumers through the process of choosing which of our reading glasses are right for them. This give us 3 clear advantages: 1. Using the liquid lens device as a diagnostic device, and having the kiosk recommend a reader strength, we help the customer feel confident about their selection. 2. Using the frames and pop-in lenses, we allow for a different strength for each eye, which 87% of people should have. 3. By providing individualized options, we drastically decrease the overwhelming number of choices, and greatly increase the probability of purchase. Read more
Pinzys revolutionizes the golf industry through state-of-the-art golf management software creating a personalized and interactive experience. Our software acts as a personal concierge connecting course managers, event planners and golfers. Integrating simplistic user interfaces with emerging golf technology. Our innovations, many of which are patent pending, include: •Handicap system that uses using real time weather •Automatic live scoring using GPS and RFID enabled golf balls in conjunction with virtual course layouts and time intervals. •Mobile interface that provides recommendations based on real time scenarios •Social networking featuring friend invitations, requesting matches, and placing wagers •Dynamic advertising platform •Dashboard to control scheduling, track payments, automate notifications, view scorecards and more. •Reward program that utilizes a unique formula to track, manage, and redeem Read more
JobKaster's map-based job search engine lets you find nearby jobs in real-time as you move around an interactive map. Looking for a job in your favorite city? Simply pan the map to a location and instantly see jobs in their exact location and get pertinent information like salary and demographics in the area. No other job site provides this real-time location-based search. Let recruiters find you by broadcasting your location and becoming your walking resume!  Read more
Tucson Realty & Trust Company offers Commercial Real Estate Tucson, Property Management Tucson, Office Property Tucson, Industrial Property Tucson, Retail Property Tucson, Investment Property Tucson, Land Tucson, Rentals Tucson, Home Rentals Tucson, Single Family Rentals Tucson. Your First Choice in Full Service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Since 1911 - Providing Asset and Property Management, Corporate Services and Consulting  Read more
NVX-108 is an oxygen therapeutic to treat life threatening conditions such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and hemorrhagic shock. As an emulsion of dodecafluoropentane, the product was previously approved for sale in Europe as an ultrasound contrast imaging agent. We have data to show that it is safe in human subjects and shown to be effective in animal models of ischemic/hypoxic disease. Most companies have spent $10+M get to this point. Now all we have to do is a human clinical trial. Read more
DigiDefend stops people from leaking your hard work online! It's as easy as uploading a file, and costs but one dollar. We generate users a cross compatible file that is essentially just their eBook. However once opened it locks to that pc, as well as disables all copy, paste, and screen capture functionality. We believe users shouldn't lose sales to online piracy, We believe the solution should be simple and cheap.  Read more
Colibris LLC is a full-service web design, software application development and technical solutions agency located in Tucson, Arizona. Relocating to the U.S. from Germany, Colibris opened in 2011. The mission of Colibris was to provide startups with: advanced and up-to-date web application development; high quality software solutions for cloud based systems; custom software products. The Colibris team possess extensive experience in communication, electronic information flow and are confident in seeking the best practices and solutions for complex information structures. Colibris is one of the few companies globally offering custom software products for startups; our international experience with high scalable web application development allows us to provide the best web based IT solutions available. Read more
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