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Social & Leisure
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Software and Data
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startup iconBorgla d.o.o.
startup iconHomey
startup iconMotiviti

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The Startup Ecosystem of Maribor is ranked at number 720 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -315 spots since 2021. Maribor also ranks at number 2 in Slovenia, and 51 in Eastern Europe.

Maribor is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Software and Data and Foodtech startups. As the most popular industries in Maribor, there is a sample of 3 Social & Leisure startups in Maribor, 3 Software and Data startups in Maribor, and 2 Foodtech startups in Maribor, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 14 startups in Maribor, no accelerators in Maribor, no coworking spaces in Maribor, no organizations in Maribor and no leaders in Maribor.

Startups in Maribor

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Working on 3D design and promotion for project KEFIRKO successfully launched on KICKSTARTER in December 2014. Read more
Homey is a mobile app that every household needs. Read more
SPURT is your New Virtual / Digital Money, created to make it easier to do business. Use it to do business with other SPURT account holders and create new opportunities participating with any party accepting SPURT as payment instrument. SPURT was created using the highest moral standards and is intended to provide benevolence for all humanity. Read more
Maestro Amadeus is a complete cloud-based software solution, which enables musicians to make advanced and efficient use of their sheet music during practices and performances Read more
MIKMIK is a ride-hailing company for scooters Read more
Motiviti is an independent game and software development studio Read more
Termodron uses drones to provide agricultural services Read more
DaiBau is an online construction marketplace that connects investors and contractors Read more
Armbeep monitoring biological responses during sporting activity and comparing data with sports or competitive performance measures including heart rate variable and blood oxygen saturation). Armbeep is a comprehensive tool for the trainer monitor and the athlete's development. Read more
Agitron specializes in developing innovative automatisation and IoT concepts. Read more
Adora is a hardware company aimed at helping surgeons  Read more
Dog bakery. Our products are 100% natural, not containing preservatives, additional food colorants and flavor enhancers. There is also no salt and sugar added. They are made from quality meatpieces and vegetables of local origin. You definitely won't find any bone meal, by-products such as unusable meat parts, there are no added fats or ash. Since our snacks are low-caloric, they are appropriate for dogs of every size and age. Special attention goes to those with allergies and diets. Read more
Education is a very important process in our live. We spend a lot of our time educating ourselves. So the question is are we doing it right? To answer this question we need to gather crucial data and analyze it. This is exactly what Starti does. We are developing a learning dashboard that is measuring learning performances and is analyzing users learning activity. We can connect this dashboard to multiple e-learning solutions and gather information in one place. With that we can prepare custom learning plans and boost people skills development. Starti, for heroes of tomorrow! Read more
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