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Social & Leisure
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The Startup Ecosystem of Kampala is ranked at number 462 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -93 spots since 2021. Kampala also ranks at number 1 in Uganda, and 3 in Eastern Africa.

Kampala is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Ecommerce & Retail and Social & Leisure startups. As the most popular industries in Kampala, there is a sample of 19 Fintech startups in Kampala, 19 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Kampala, and 17 Social & Leisure startups in Kampala, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 99 startups in Kampala, 16 accelerators in Kampala, 5 coworking spaces in Kampala, 14 organizations in Kampala and no leaders in Kampala.

Startups in Kampala

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SafeBoda is ride hailing app that allows users to book transportation on motorbikes. Read more
XENO Investment Management uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people. Read more
clinicPesa provides you with access to healthcare financing, that is more convenient and affordable than the traditional Insurance, through a digital micro-loans and savings platform for setting aside dedicated healthcare funds used to offset medical bills and purchase drugs in time of need at our registered clinic, hospital or pharmacy. Read more
Ensibuuko provide a cloud-based micro-finance software for financial entities in Africa. The software known as Mobis is designed to help savings and loans cooperatives go paperless and become more efficient by digitizing customer data and transactions. Read more
Digest Africa is an investment news platform Read more
Corporate cards and payments platform Read more
Cinnamon Clubs is an investment club management software. Read more
Numida provides working capital loans to African micro businesses. Read more
AirQo is an Air Quality Initiative on a mission to contribute to the improvement of urban ambient air quality by providing scientific. Read more
ChapChap is a smartphone-powered platform that’s helping small businesses stay afloat. Read more
Chil AI Lab offers artificial intelligence technology to improve on the access of reproductive health cancer diagnosis. Read more
Sellio offers advertising and sales automation for SMBs Read more
Matibabu is a non-invasive diagnostic kit used to detect malaria. Closing the gap between the communities and their rightful access to healthcare Read more is an e-commerce platform that enables farmers to access certified agro-inputs anytime anywhere in East Africa Read more
afriQloud is a partnership of several selected hi-tech companies Read more
Not only because we are super convenient and more affordable. Now sending money to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Read more
Payclide is a financial technology company that offers mobile banking, remittances, and card payments. Read more
PayLater Uganda is a rent-to-own E-commerce Platform, offering various consumable products like Home Appliances, Home & Office Furniture, Car Tyres, Vehicle Spare Parts and Travel Financing to consumers under flexible monthly rent instalments, enabling Ugandans to access flexible financial planning. Read more
MamaOpe Medicals is a device and software company based in Uganda that develops innovative solutions to improve access to quality health care for people in low resource settings. Giving them a fair chance at life. Read more
Soko Uganda is a Ugandan based online shopping website  Read more
SASULA is an Enterprise platform that enables payment Collections over mobile, bank and other channels for business customers especially in distribution businesses. Read more
GnuGrid collects credit data on individuals and non-individual borrowers, validate data into meaningful profiles that are disseminated in form of credit reports and credit scores to enable credit providers make informed lending decisions. Read more
DataClan offers on-demand access to an experienced data science team, using a mature methodology to deliver one-off analyses and or production-ready predictive models. Read more
Krobits at its core is a software and hardware development company that specialises in web and mobile applications developments specifically WebApps, iOS, Android, API and CMS Developments. Read more
eMaisha Pay is Africa's first Neobank for Agribusiness Read more
Endiro Direct improves the standard of living for producers and secures the future supply of high-quality agricultural commodities. Read more
Inputi is an online marketplace, aggregator, and distributor for farm supplies. Read more
Green Grocery is the food distribution company owned by Dutta'z Ltd. It owns its own farm in Nakasongola in the North of Uganda where it produces Vegetables and Poultry. It also has affiliations with local farmers and importers of exotic Farm products. Read more
Metajua is a leading farmer relation and supply chain management platform in Eastern and Southern Africa, and our clients are buying collectively over 100 MT of product from small farmers a day.  Read more
E-Lunda is a web and mobile application that facilitates Record Keeping at Diary farms Read more
Jaguza Livestock provides livestock farm monitoring solutions. It provides microchips which can be placed on cattle to collect data and monitor livestock animals through the companion mobile application.  Read more
OnDuka is an eCommerce website that provides AI-based solutions to retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Read more
Medihub Uganda is the leading medical sundries and medical equipment e-commerce marketplace in EastAfrica. Designed to provide a personalized experience, Medihub is your one stop shop for medical sundries and medical equipment.  Read more
Minute5 is the best online grocery store in Uganda that enables you to do your shopping at your finger tips and then gets your items delivered to you in the shortest time. Read more
Akello Banker is helping farmers to access products and services on credit. Read more
Raintree Farms is Uganda's largest agricuetical company specializing in the value-added processing of Moringa Oleifera crops. Our 30-acre farm—located in Masindi District, in North-Western Uganda is supplied by a network of over 150 farmers. Read more
Livara is a beauty company. We believe that the body is a gem – a jewel that adorns our inner self. And so deserves the best care and treatment with fresh and natural ingredients to keep it as luminous as naturally possible. Read more
KAINO is an EdTech product in form of WEB and MOBILE applications that can be used by pre-primary schools and nursery parents to teach children how to READ and WRITE  Read more
Impact Nutrition personalized nutrition solutions for Weight loss, Weight gain, Blood glucose control, hyperlipidemia management, gut health, infant nutrition, Lactating Mothers, Athletes and Vitamin-Mineral Deficiencies. Read more
MSCAN is a developer of low-cost mobile ultrasound devices that seek to reduce maternal mortality. They do this through early detection of risk factors and easy accessibility to affordable ultrasound services for use in low and middle-income families.  Read more
Yunga Technologies is a local rescue digital network bundled with microinsurance for connected neighborhoods. We connect neighbor to neighbor and neighbor to a law enforcement in case of an attack or emergency (Connect you to a reliable rapid response unit in case the matter escalates). Read more
Primelink Realty Uganda is a Ugandan real estate tech startup that seeks to transform the way real estate players do business. The company seeks to pioneer a data-driven approach to management and marketing of real estate in Uganda and Africa through the development of data collection and analytical tools and platforms. Read more
Swipe2pay business Analytics is designed to make your numbers easy to understand. No need to hunt through spreadsheets—Swipe2pay Analytics breaks it down so you can add it up quickly. Read more
Proteen feeds urban organic-waste to Black Soldier Fly larvae. After a short rearing period these larvae can be harvested, dried and processed into high-quality protein feed for livestock production. Black Soldier Flies are incredibly efficient in converting ingested organic matter into harvestable protein. Read more
Lipa Later is a payment option that allows you unlimited access to products and services as you pay for them over time in affordable monthly instalments. It also allows retailers to sell their goods and services in affordable monthly instalments to their customers by increasing their purchasing power through Lipa Later. Read more
Innovex is at the heart of developing Africa's next generation embedded technologies. From IoT solutions for monitoring energy systems to custom-built drone and robotic applications, as well as medical diagnostics, monitoring, and therapeutic systems, we are positioning ourselves at the center of Africa's socio-economic transformation. Read more
Xeptup is a digital agency, focused on helping companies and individuals set up their business in the ever-changing, technological world with a few simple steps. We understand that not everyone is technologically savvy, so we take the time to explain things in an easy-to-understand way and help get your business online as quickly as possible. Read more
Mihasoft is a technology & digital firm dealing in corporate and creative marketing ,software and branding tools to uplift your business. Read more
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