The Startup Ecosystem of Kampala

Home to 96% of Uganda’s startups, Kampala has a vibrant startup ecosystem that is ranked 390 in the world.


In 2023, the startup scene of Kampala developed considerably and increased in the Global Ecosystem Index by 72 spots.

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Startup Ecosystem Overview

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The startup ecosystem in Kampala offers a vibrant and supportive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. One of the key strengths of this ecosystem lies in its talent pool, with initiatives like The Golazo Project leading the way. This social enterprise leverages technology and training/mentoring tools to empower young individuals and create employment opportunities, fostering a skilled workforce for the startup community.

Uganda also hosts exciting events that serve as catalysts for innovation and collaboration. The Techstars Startup Weekend Kampala is a prominent three-day event that brings together mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors. By inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs, this event fuels creativity, encourages networking, and provides valuable resources to startup founders, facilitating their growth and success.

Private investment is supported by organizations such as MTN, Hi Innovator, and Villgro, which provide grants to support and nurture local startups. Additionally, the Kampala Angel Investment Network (KAIN) strengthens the investment landscape by connecting local and global investors with promising Ugandan entrepreneurs. Companies like 97Fund, MTN, Leapfrog Ventures, and Pearl Capital actively invest in Ugandan startups, providing the necessary capital and expertise to fuel their development and expansion.

The public sector in Uganda has also taken initiatives to boost the startup ecosystem. The Uganda Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative introduced a two-phase program aimed at enhancing startup survival rates. The Uganda Investment Authority organizes the Kampala Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference, which serves as a platform to introduce alternative financing options and attract investment. Furthermore, the National ICT Initiatives Support Program plays a pivotal role in developing an ICT innovation ecosystem and marketplace for cutting-edge digital products.

Uganda offers attractive incentives for foreign investors. In the free zone, foreigners who invest a minimum capital of US$10M can benefit from a 10-year tax holiday, creating an appealing environment for foreign direct investment and promoting economic growth.

Entrepreneurs and investors looking for a thriving and dynamic environment to launch or expand their ventures will find Kampala to be an attractive destination that nurtures innovation, fosters collaboration, and provides the necessary resources for startup success.


Kampala Top Startup Industries

Transportation icon
#153 worldwide

6 startups

Foodtech icon
#167 worldwide

17 startups

Fintech icon
#177 worldwide

19 startups

Ecosystem HealthCheck

Kampala Ecosystem Health Check

The health check tables allow you to look at the performance Kampala has in each of the parameters that are part of StartupBlink's ranking algorithm. There are five tables, corresponding to the three subscores, the subscore analysis and industry ana...

  • Overperformance
  • Performance equal to global ranking
  • Underperformance
ParameterParameter Global rankParameter rank change since 2022ResultContribution to total scoreRank gain / loss due to parameter
Total Score390720.867100%0
Quantity Score230200.32137.03%58
Sample size of startups2355110133.57%26
Sample size of accelerators105236170%-3
Sample size of coworking spaces2335220%10
Community Score258-632-820.033.46%-7


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The Startup Ecosystem in Kampala

Startups in Kampala excel in Transportation, Foodtech, and and Fintech. There are some notable success stories contributing to the city’s growing Transportation industry. One of the most promising startups in Kampala in 2023 is XENO Investment Management, CHIL AI Lab, and AirQo.

Global Rank

Kampala is ranked within the top 400 startup ecosystems globally.

Top Industries

Kampala’s startups excel particularly in Transportation where it ranks 153 and in Foodtech, and Fintech. Find out more

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Notable Startups in Kampala
XENO Investment Management startup icon
XENO Investment Management
CHIL AI Lab startup icon
AirQo startup icon


Successful Transportation startups in Kampala
SafeBoda startup icon
Easy Matatu startup icon
Easy Matatu
Tugende startup icon


Why should you join Kampala's Startup Ecosystem?


Within Kampala there is an increased attraction for entrepreneurs to set up their startups in industries such as Transportation, Foodtech, Fintech. These three industries represent about 40% of the startups represented on the Startup Ecosystem Map of Kampala.


National Rank


Regional Rank


Kampala is Uganda's 1st best startup ecosystem and is ranked 4th in Eastern Africa. With a population of 1M - 2M people, Kampala is ranked 390th in the world. The city has some notable startup success stories including XENO Investment Management.

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