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Energy & Environment
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#125 worldwide
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Hardware & IoT
#145 worldwide

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startup iconProposify
startup iconSpring Loaded Technology
startup iconMaritime Launch Services

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The Startup Ecosystem of Halifax is ranked at number 233 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 1 spots since 2021. Halifax also ranks at number 12 in Canada, and 79 in North America.

Halifax is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Health and Hardware & IoT startups. As the most popular industries in Halifax, there is a sample of 29 Energy & Environment startups in Halifax, 17 Health startups in Halifax, and 9 Hardware & IoT startups in Halifax, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 83 startups in Halifax, no accelerators in Halifax, no coworking spaces in Halifax, no organizations in Halifax and no leaders in Halifax.

Startups in Halifax

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Proposify helps modern sales teams create, send, track, and e-sign winning proposals, contracts, and agreements. Read more
At Spring Loaded, we are developing the first knee bracing technology that can effectively enhance the strength and power of the leg muscles. By increasing leg strength, our technology can be used in a wide range of applications including: injury prevention and rehabilitation, mobility assistance, and performance enhancement. The idea of enhancing leg strength with knee bracing is not new. Previous solutions have failed however, primarily due to the fact that a powerful enough mechanism could not be implemented on a small enough scale to be built into a knee brace. At Spring Loaded, we have solved this problem by developing a novel technology that allows us to build a compact energy-returning hinge mechanism which can assist the leg muscles during knee extension (e.g. the motion that occurs while standing from a seated position). Our proprietary device can be retrofit to, or integrated with, knee braces that are similar to those already on the market. Read more
Maritime Launch is an aviation and aerospace services-based company. Read more
Affinio's first product, Tactics Cloud (, is a social network insights platform for marketing, advertising, sales, BD and BI teams that want to gain actionable insights into the social networks of their leads, customers, and competitors. Our web products are powered by our Affinio engine, one of the fastest graph analysis and machine learning technologies in the world. Read more
LifeRaft is a Halifax, Canada based technology company . Read more
Springboard Atlantic is an organization that helps companies commercialize through partnerships with universities and colleges Read more
Vesuvius Media is a community-driven game development company. Read more
Our vision is to create a place where entrepreneurship is celebrated and taking over the world is expected. We develop the best founders in the world, who in turn create world class companies. Read more
Milk Moovement creates a dairy supply chain management platform that connects all dairy supply chain players. Read more
Byos delivers an endpoint micro-segmentation solution for better protecting and managing remote endpoints on untrusted networks. Read more
Talkatoo makes and sells dictation software for professionals. MRR USD$20k+ Read more
Rimot is a developer of a Saas based technologies for monitoring and managing remote business-critical infrastructure. Read more
DeNova develops its technology, which converts greenhouse gases into a protein that can be used as feed in farms and aquaculture. Read more
LeadSift generates highly targeted sales leads by mining social media data. Read more
Tenera is a hardware, software, real-time ,senior monitoring and analytics platform for safe and healthy living. Read more
Jaza is building a network of renewable energy hubs in African communities beyond the electrical grid Read more
Peer Ledger uses cutting edge blockchain technology to help companies collaborate to protect human rights, improve environmental performance and significantly reduce key risks, such as counterfeiting and safety, in their supply chains Read more
Reach, engage and convert your prospects directly on their devices delivering them amazing experiences. Get a demo today. Read more
Marketing & Communications Agency Read more
ReelData AI provides artificially intelligent monitoring for finned fish aquaculture. Read more
An online platform that transforms the story of your life into a cinematic experience. Read more
Travel Tech SaaS for Online Travel Companies Read more
Nexus is developing a robot that can pull weeds out of vegetable crops. Read more
Faire Child Makeware is an e-commerce company offering children's outerwear, waterproof, washable and recycled materials. Read more
Janitorial Software that Saves You Time & Money - The Most Complete Software Solution Powering Commercial Cleaning Companies. Read more
Canngaroo is a cannabis marketplace that conveniently connects consumers with partner shops and brands. Read more is a platform devoted to micro funding for amateur athletes. It is a vehicle offering the world of fans and supporters a personal connection to amateur athletes on their journey to success. The online platform is a collection of athlete driven projects looking for support for everything from the purchase of a new track bicycle, travel to their next competition, or support for altitude training in a remote part of the world. Each project has a personalized video and ask outlining the effect it will have on the athlete’s ability to achieve in their sport. Each project has a fundraising target and deadline. We launched in October 2012 with five athletes from across Canada. To date we’ve featured 15 athletes and in total funded $120,000 to help make their dreams a reality. In July 2013 the platform will be open for international use. Read more
The Rounds is a physician-only professional network that enables and accelerates collaboration among physicians. With our tools doctors are able to communicate in real-time across specialties and across the continent. Did you know that it's against legislation for physicians to text each other? It's true. Email too! Physicians are limited to phone and fax. Until now, that is - we give our users a tool that let's them send private messages (read: texts) and compose, send and mangage HIPAA-compliant email. Our network is free for users, exclusive (credentials verified), and secure. The Rounds helps doctors to save time, save money, and save lives. Read more
Salient Energy produces zinc-ion batteries for applications in the electrical grid. Read more
EfficiencyOne is a leading efficiency export. Read more
ABK Biomedical combines the clinical market with biomaterials with a focus on treating hypervascular tumors. Read more
Alpha Dog Games is a Halifax-based startup founded by three game-industry veterans with 38 years of experience from Microsoft, EA, Disney, and THQ. Alpha Dog passionately handcrafts highly engaging AAA experiences on the hottest platforms, with a critical eye towards business and metrics. The first being Wraithborne, an Unreal Engine exclusive action-RPG set in a dark fantasy world. A revolutionary company, Alpha Dog raises the stake of core players’ expectations, and delivers. Franchise-First: Anchoring success in building strong brands through value over time. Innovation: Driving change through fresh and engaging game experiences. Mobile, Tablet, Browser: Best-in-Class games tailored specifically for the devices that gamers use every day. Play With Friends: Featuring the next generation of social interaction between friends. Read more
Modest Tree is creating a suite of innovative 3D authoring applications for the rapid development of highly interactive 3D training scenarios. Read more
Proposify lets you create custom proposals in a fraction of the time. Proposify is a cloud based application that addresses the pain-points of proposal writing by offering an easy way to track and manage proposals, collaborate with teams, and create re-usable templates so new proposals can be quickly assembled and less time spent on searching for content. Additional features include the ability to easily track and collaborate in proposal writing, measure the worth of proposals and how effective you are in winning proposals with analytics and financial statistics. We also save companies time by allowing them to import contacts from their favourite CRM like SalesForce and Highrise. "I reviewed quite a few proposal apps and none of them held a candle to the easy polish that yours produces in the end result" - Rob Morris, Proposify User Read more
Hanatech's OneSmartView platform utilizes IoT, AI, and data analytics to help companies increase revenues and improve efficiencies. Read more
Aqualitas is an aquaponic cannabis company rooted in science. Read more
Site2020 is the smarter choice for traffic control. Read more
FundMetric uses analytics and predictive modelling to help determine the who, what, when, where, why, and how of donors and their relationship to not-for-profits and charities. Fundraisers often spend 90% of their time on 10% of their donors. In addition to predictive analytics, Fundmetric also helps save charities time by automating and personalizing tasks relating to the remaining 90% and allowing fundraisers to focus on their larger donors at the top of the giving pyramid. We have extensively tested our product with fundraisers across varying sizes and verticals. As part of this, we have developed a user experience that works the same way fundraisers do. Read more
Sustane is a cleantech innovator, focused on municipal waste transformation. Read more
Nova Leap Health Corp. is an international provider of personal home care and support services.  Read more
Manifold allows you to discover, buy, and manage the best developer services for your application, regardless of cloud. Read more
Alentic Microscience is a Halifax-based microscopy company that has developed a new imaging device Read more
We love collaborating with corporations, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs to customize heart-made note cards, stationery sets and enamel pins for all occasions! We offer high quality, locally produced, environmentally sustainable products that delight our clients every single time. Read more
Reazent is an agtech company that makes more economically viable, sustainable, and safer alternatives to synthetic agrochemicals. Read more
Coloursmith develops breakthrough optical filtering technologies in ophthalmic devices. Read more
part-time to full-time work to volunteer and advisory roles. Read more
Nxtgen Care is a smart business intelligence platform. Read more
We've invented a new cloud automation technology that automates DevOps (Not unlike Heroku) that performs better and can scale more effectively then anything else available today. We came to this discovery as a result of launching the first Openstack based public cloud in Canada. As a result of having a holistic perspective and ability to integrate with the entire stack we figured out how to deliver a truly unique and not ever seen before solution to a problem that advanced software engineering teams have no solution for and costs them time and money. In addition, many organizations outside the US (and some within) are hamstrung by privacy and data policy that prevents them from leveraging cloud solutions today. Cloud A is entirely based in Canada and our mission is to lead the open compute platform revolution while ensuring the data we are custodians for is kept secure and private. Our solution is to provide a truly on demand and scalable cloud solution. Read more
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