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The Estonia Startup Ecosystem is World’s Leading Innovation Hubs, ranked at number 13 globally, and shows a strong hold by 0 spots since 2021. Estonia also ranks at number 1 for startups in Eastern Europe.

There are 4 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Estonia and the top ranked city in Estonia is Tallinn at 62 globally. Tallinn is followed by Tartu at 366 and Viljandi at 1043.

Estonia is an ideal place to locate for Transportation, Software and Data and Fintech startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 141 Transportation startups in Estonia, 90 Software and Data startups in Estonia and 34 Fintech startups in Estonia, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 404 startups in Estonia, 13 accelerators in Estonia, 14 coworking spaces in Estonia, 4 organizations in Estonia and no leaders in Estonia.

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Tallinn, Estonia

Tartu, Estonia

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Parnu, Estonia

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399 startups in representative sample
Pipedrive is a CRM-replacing deal management tool. It is built for active deal makers, not only salespeople. It helps people be super organized and close their deals in less time. Pipedrive is most useful for small teams up to 15 members. Half of our customers are greenfield, not knowing they needed Pipedrive until they used it. The other half of our customers abandon their existing CRM for a better product. Use the promo code: ANGELLIST to get a 60-day free trial Read more
Building robotic platforms designed to revolutionise the local delivery of goods Read more
Hong Kong-based financial platform fueling the future of blockchain innovation. Read more
Scoro is a business management platform helping professional service companies manage their work more efficiently. It combines project management, CRM, billing, and reporting – all in one place. Read more
Topia provides global mobility management solutions to move and manage talent, enabling them to work everywhere. Read more
Testlio opens a trusted network of proficient mobile testers to developers needing every last bug uncovered. We have created tools for software testing that allow business owners to not think about bugs and issues in their mobile product. They can use realtime chat, integrate issue reports into their existing systems, and do daily/weekly testing based on their own release schedule. We are thought leaders in an industry that is lagging behind mobile software development. We are building a platform where testers can learn, improve, and share their knowledge. We have created Testlio to be a place for the best source of information where testers can live, socialize, and earn competitive testing compensation. Testlio won the world's biggest hackathon @AngelHack F'12. Read more
Montonio is an European PoS financing aggregator which utilises open banking to make credit more efficient and transparent. Read more
Lingvist is language learning software based on mathematical optimization and statistical analysis. Read more
Crypterium is building a mobile app that will turn your coins and tokens into money that you can spend with the same ease as cash. Shop around the world to pay with your coins and tokens at any NFC terminal, or via scanning the QR codes. Make purchases in online stores, pay your bills, or just send money across borders in seconds reliably and for a fraction of a penny. Read more
Bondora offers access to the world of investing and earn a reliable net return, without all the complexities. Read more
The ecosystem of cryptocurrency payment solutions. Read more
Adcash® is an online advertising network focused on delivering high-performing advertising solutions to Web publishers and brand advertisers around the globe. We provide our publishers with comprehensive website monetization tools that allow them to generate recurring long-term revenues. They benefit from a platform that combines premium advertising offers with a sophisticated optimization technology and robust analytics tools. To our advertiser, we offer targeted user acquisition solutions that help them reach and engage with their audience worldwide. The Adcash® platform provides them with actionable insights that translate into highly customized ad campaigns which in turn improve brand awareness, drive relevant converting traffic and increase revenues. Each month we deliver roughly 1 billion ad impressions that reach more than 30 million unique users every day.  Read more
Xolo is a all-in-one SaaS platform for solopreneurs, bringing together banking, company formation, accounting and compliance. Read more
Aasa Global is an international financial technology company which offers credit solutions to consumers and businesses. Read more
Funderbeam is startup analytics platform, which applies tools and metrics of capital markets to startup industry. It standardizes the data of startups and the industry and speaks the language of traditional financial sector. Funderbeam is for wealthy individuals and professional investors who look for startups, but who are used to the tools of traditional capital markets. Funderbeam x-rays startups for actual success factors and deliver standardized values for easy comparison. It lets users filter out the noise, select prescreened startups by sector, region, development stage, team track record, previous funding, or any other criteria you like. Funderbeam is for startups who want to build serious businesses. It introduces startups to well-connected private investors who can support with business knowledge, networks, new markets and experience. Worldwide. Go beyond traditional VCs, be seen by investors who help to reach goals. Money is not enough.  Read more
Tracking Keywords Ranks, Products Metrics, and Sales Estimates as well as running Keyword Research and Market Analysis on Amazon is Finally Enjoyable. Read more
Jobbatical is an AI-enabled immigration and relocation platform focused on making immigration easy. Read more
Solve.Care was established to revolutionize healthcare delivery, care coordination and benefits administration around the globe. Solve.Care is building an innovative platform that combines decentralization with synchronization to connect stakeholders with each other and redefine care, cost and convenience for everyone. Read more
CoinLoan is a lending platform with cryptoassets as collateral. Read more
Buy and Sell Bitcoin without fees Read more
Outfunnel is a sales centric marketing automation tool. Read more
Wolf3D creates 3D avatars of people for VR/AR communication and games using a smartphone.  Read more
Business crowdfunding platform Read more
Selfdiagnostics is an Estonian/German company with the purpose of developing and marketing medical point-of-care (POC) diagnostics devices. Read more
eAgronom is a SaaS platform, it helps farmers to manage their activities and skill plan. Read more
FoodDocs helps food handling companies to ensure that food safety is always compliant with the law and meet all requirements Read more
First EU regulated Crypto-Fiat Exchange Read more
One-stop shop in crypto: a next generation digital exchange, STO/ICO auction platform, wallet, payment acquirer and many other services. Read more
QANplatform is the Quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform. Build your software applications like DApps or Defi and run business processes on blockchain in 5 minutes with QANplatform. Read more
Envoy Group is a supply chain and trade finance company, uses blockchain technologies to bring massive efficiences to global supply chain. Read more
GScan is developing next generation muon 3D-scanners with machine learning based automatic decision system Read more
We are a technology company creating and delivering new value from the end user's point of view. Click and collect pickup automation for retail and logistics. Cleveron is the innovation leader in retail click and collect pickup automation. Our solutions: a) reduce last-mile delivery costs; b) enhance parcel delivery and return operations; c) improve the omnichannel customer experience. Our product range goes from automated smart lockers, like Cleveron 301 and 302, to world’s first fully functional parcel robot Cleveron 401 and world’s biggest robotics-based parcel terminal Cleveron 402. We are a rapidly growing technology company with innovation at its core. Our products offer unique solutions to challenges retailers and logistics companies face due to growing e-commerce and parcel volumes, but no matter how complex our robots may be inside, they are always easy to use for the end-customer, always providing positive emotions. Read more
Talis is the first DAO marketplace connecting to the real world. Read more
Cachet is a usage-based insurance platform and a personal wallet for gig economy service providers. Read more
Elcogen is a manufacturer of efficient and high-performance fuel cells to help enable a clean energy future. Read more
SaaS, An automated influencer marketing platform for live streams. Read more
Viveo reshape's the future of health insurance through digitization by providing insurers better loss ratio and client engagement. Read more
A platform that helps brands to find influencers who love them Read more
Modash allows marketers to build, launch, manage, and measure audience targeted influencer marketing campaigns. Read more
Heavy-duty cargo-bikes for on-demand delivery companies. Read more
DreamApply is a software solution for universities to be able to conveniently set up online application and efficient Student Admission procedures. The software platform is running on cloud (SaaS). It is customizable, easy to use and expandable to all institution´s needs. Read more
Ringy is a marketplace for refurbished electronics. Read more
Automating defect analysis for power lines. Bringing 3 dimensional world to everyone, everywhere. Read more
Instant & Compliant Cross-Border Payment Network For Financial Institutions Read more
Timbeter is a solution for quick and accurate timber measurement and data management. Read more
Our business is a logistics IT Platform that is used by ecommerce sellers for goods storage and parcel delivery in all European countries. Read more
Kipwise is a knowledge management tool that helps teams build up their company knowledge hub easily. It offers powerful Slack integration, browser extensions and is integrated with Google Drive, Trello, Airtable and more. Read more
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