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StartupBlink Community Leaders Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Local Community Leaders

By paying and joining our program, you confirm that you agree to the following conditions. 

  1. You agree to our terms of use.
  2. Both sides have the right to stop the cooperation at any given time, depending on the activity and positive results of your efforts.
  3. Startupblink will not be responsible for costs, or anything else related to the events you organize.
  4. There is a monthly fee for the leader role that covers administrative costs and allows to continue developing the community and platform.  The fee is paid in advance every 3 months. You can stop future payments at any time.
  5. You are receiving exclusivity for the leadership role in your city.
  6. All the events you organize will be in a public location (coffee shop, restaurant, coworking space etc.)
  7. You need to provide your local contact details – email and phone #  to the group members.
  8. You set up a minimum of one event per month that is a free networking event.  The group must always have a future event (so the number of members can increase).
  9. If you want to charge for an event, you will need to set up another event unrelated to the free one in a public place, and charge as you wish. Payment must be done at the door or to an external link unconnected to StartupBlink. Charged events are not going to have Startupblink name on them in the event description unless you receive our permission for that.
  10. Only StartupBlink team is allowed to send emails to the group. If you want to send an email to the group, please send it to us first to get our approval. 
  11. You are free to reply to any public comments or questions on the event page.
  12. Startupblink will also publish other events including webinars on the group.

Please note that organizing the events has to be in accordance with our terms of use as can be seen at