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About the coronavirus innovation map

The Covid-19 has changed life as we know it in many aspects. Whether this change is in the way we live our life, do our businesses, or how we tackle health, this has greatly impacted a lot of us.

Coronavirus Innovation Map is a global directory with hundreds of innovations and solutions that help people cope and adapt to life amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and to connect innovators.

By creating this resource we hope to help teams of innovators to cooperate and build solutions faster. The map will also help the public and private sector identify innovative projects relevant to them by location (from vaccines and prevention to diagnostics and treatment, to life and business adaptation, etc.).

You can read more about the map here.

As part of the project, StartupBlink along with HIEx by UNAIDS has released the COVID-19 Innovation Report – Ranking the 80 cities and 32 countries that have contributed most towards COVID-19 innovation.


Coronavirus Innovation Map is based on the technology and project management of StartupBlink, a global startup ecosystem map and research center, publishing the Startup Ecosystem Rankings, an annual report featuring 1000 cities and 100 countries ranked by the strength of their startup ecosystem. 


The Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) is a platform launched by UNAIDS that acts as a neutral facilitator and broker of innovative solutions for health, particularly in the global South. HIEx has been working with countries on analysis of health priorities and needs, curating tailored health innovative solutions to match the needs, and brokering investments to ensure the sustainability of their implementation.


Moscow Agency of Innovations brings together the efforts of corporations, cities, and startups to turn Moscow into the global capital of innovations. It helps startups fine-tune new products and bring them to the market. It helps corporations find teams to address technology challenges. It tests and implements innovative solutions in the city.

Contact us here if you would like to be a partner in this project.




Eli David is StartupBlink’s CEO. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Economist, and an MBA graduate with work experience in such firms as KPMG and BDO. (Connect with Eli on Linkedin)

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Peter Timoshevsky is a full stack web developer with a strong focus on maintainable architecture and scalable infrastructure. He is currently working hard on supporting and improving the StartupBlink platform. We can’t wait to see what he builds next!


Roderick Warren, business development consultant

Roderick based in Zurich, Switzerland, has worked for various technology companies such as Oracle and Sun Micro-systems. Before entering the Tech industry and co-founding StartupBlink, Roderick was a Specialist in Fire Protection and Emergency Management working on assignments in conflict areas such as Iraq and Kosovo.

Jiah Kim is the principal attorney for Jiah Kim & Associates and a legal advisor for StartupBlink.  Jiah worked for several New York law firms before starting her own to serve her favorite clients, international startups.

Adrien Henni is co-founder of East-West Digital News, an international tech news and research agency covering Eastern Europe. With nearly 20 years of experience in the high-tech and venture businesses, he advises a variety of startups, investors and other organizations.

Gerardo Robledillo is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. He has lived as an expat in various corners of the world since 2005 and created both the International Schools Database and to help make life easier for future expats.



Jack Hoang is a research and data intern at StartupBlink. He holds a commerce degree from Ryerson University and is currently studying Software Development. With a background in IT and research, Jack has focused on research topics such as ecosystems sustaining innovation, and user-adoption on project management tools. During his free time, he enjoys learning about new startups, software development, and travelling.

Pooja Thakker is a research and data intern at StartupBlink. She is fervent about start-ups, has published several research papers on start-ups and its ecosystem and has a passion to promote innovation ecosystem. Currently pursuing doctoral studies in Management from Nirma University, India and on the journey to find key players which play a crucial role in the emergence of innovation ecosystem for developing countries.

Fortune Chuku is passionate about open innovation and technology adoption research in developing economies. He is the founder of Techative, a tech, and startup news portal based in Nigeria. Fortune holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Product Design from the University of Hull, UK, and a master’s degree in Information Systems from the American University of Nigeria.

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