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Create professional Email templates easily - drag & drop Email Builder. Read more
Carhp is a one stop solution to all your car buying queries. We create in-depth reviews of all cars available in the US Market. Our aim is to help people buy the best cars for their money. We are currently working on introducing Listings powered by AI and ML. Read more
We help brands connect with the world through digital experiences that engage, entertain, and inspire. Read more
Explore a collection of 400+ really good innovation resources, including interesting stories, the best innovation books, tools and templates. Build relationships with like-minded peers and learn how to innovate from the world’s leading innovation examples. Read more
Cerebrum Infotech is a software product development company. We develop software products for diverse business segments. We help business owners to digitize their business and streamline operations in an automated and smarter way. Read more
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world. Advanded power electrophysics for clean weed control. Read more
PhishDeck's mission is to enable people and organisations to build better phishing defences by providing leading phishing and social engineering attack simulation and response products to the international cybersecurity market. Read more
Workpuls has been serving customers from all industries and sizes for over 5 years now. Thanks to its deep behavioral insights, organizations can keep track of and improve productivity on an individual or team level. Read more
At MILL5, we provide software development and consulting services that drive business innovation. We specialize in cloud native technologies, remote worker solutions, AI and Machine Learning, IoT, and security services. Read more
Our platform enables governments, institutions & savers to participate in in a new OECD endorsed pension model which sustainably solves most of the major underlying causes of the current global pensions crisis. Read more
Henlez develops first-in-class therapeutics to transform treatment of serious skin diseases based on advanced enzyme technology. Read more
AGNIFORGE INDUSTRIES is an aerospace and defence product manufacturing company. We are based in New Delhi, India. We are offering our wide range of products and services in all over India and other countries also. Read more
Digitising the aviation industry providing new levels of efficiency and insight to operators and maintenance of aircraft. We are building the underlying infrastructure to support this digital transformation, alongside workflow applications that can be used across the industry. Read more
From onboarding to portfolio risk-suitability, and reporting, Tiller develops software solutions to help businesses innovate, digitise and grow. Our suite of solutions, WealthXcel, brings efficiency and regulatory protection to firms, letting them focus on value-added activities. Read more
Monty is a sales and marketing automation platform that combines over 10 different products into one to minimise legwork and maximise sales. Read more
Swan is a banking platform that lets you embed banking services directly into your product in under 5 minutes. Read more
We provide small businesses with an on-demand marketing team for a flat monthly subscription fee. Our self-serve platform provides a dedicated marketing manager, a curated team of specialists for every channel, and project management software to collaborate with your team. Read more
Buyzooka, your nomad shopping bag that connects to 1.5 million independent online stores all at one time! Read more
ISELO is your knowledge companion that assists you to: - Collect/Create Knowledge in Teams well organized with Lists & Tags - Retrieve Knowledge quickly with typo-tolerant search - Collaborate on Knowledge via comment - Save/Access Knowledge from Browsers, Slack & Microsoft Teams Read more
AirGO.Ai puts tomorrow's technology in yesterday's vehicles through our Soteria Vision standalone, smart, and connected vehicle safety and insurance telematics data device that can be installed in nearly any vehicle. Read more
miniaturized EEG with realtime pathology detection algorithm Read more
Smart Studios is an innovation & technology company. We plan and build world-class ventures & digital solutions for leading brands and emerging startups. We provide Software Development Digital transformation R&D prototyping Project Management Management Consultancy Read more
Organization's phone can receive, record and deliver the information you want 24 hours. Any company, such as a call center, taxi call, food delivery, insurance, trade and service, can use our services to turn your regular phone into a comprehensive smart communication service. Read more
he SENDLY application developed by Mongolian experts is the first officially licensed international money transfer service for Mongolians abroad. We aim to provide our customers with cheap, fast and reliable money transfer services. Read more
Sustainable and Smart Dust Control & Soil Stabilization Solutions Read more
Well-being, health and design, all in the same initiative for sustainable development. Using hydroponic gardens to make indoor agriculture a must in civil buildings and dwellings. Read more
We provide a customizable mobile on-demand fuel delivery app development solution for fuel/gas delivery startups, oil & gas retail companies, and gas station owners. Read more
TriStratus Ltd helps customers achieve real business value through the adoption and optimisation of private, hybrid and public cloud services. We Deliver consultancy on the benefits of cloud services from the three global hyperscale providers – Microsoft, AWS & Google. Read more
Omsatva is a Global Discoverability and Service Booking Platform for Spirituality & Holistic Wellness. You can connect with expert service providers for virtual or in-person sessions in an instant. Read more
With robots at the core of their operations, farmers can focus on what they do best: growing fresh, delicious, sustainable produce for everyone. Tortuga AgTech provides robots that perform critical farm services while empowering growers with revolutionary information. Read more
Red Canary was founded to make security better. We defend hundreds of organizations around the world, with customers ranging from global Fortune 100s to 100-endpoint organizations. Read more
MediBuddy - India’s Largest & most Trusted Digital Healthcare Platform offers Online Doctor Consultation, Health checks, Online Medicine with a network of 90,000 doctors, 7,000 hospitals, 3000 diagnostic centers covering over 95% of all pin codes in India. Read more
Strategyworks’s Digital Marketing training is known for its 100% practical oriented training program. Our flagship program ” Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing” is the most preferred program among job seekers, professionals, and small business owners. Read more
The company develops, builds, installs and operates its own highly contaminated water treatment technology that helps streamline the management of wastewater while revaluing the contaminants. Read more
Atelier Mock-up revolutionizes architectural practices by integrating digital tools into the manufacturing process. This “one-stop-shop” provides services from design to manufacturing. Read more
We'll help you accelerate the growth of your production, your product development, and the interpretation of your clients’ technical needs by facilitating the integration of experts, technology, and an adequate testing environment through a systems engineering approach. Read more
We help electronics businesses increase their production quality and reduce the maintenance needs thanks to SpinHub, our cloud-based testing solution that automates the remote management of production lines. Read more
Consulting, prototype design and applied research in the fields of digital vision, artificial intelligence, and Industry 4.0. Read more
Visao develops, commercializes and integrates interactive sales and marketing applications for manufacturing businesses to help demonstrate and promote complex products. Read more
BEAP is a cleantech company that develops connected products designed to lower the environmental footprint and improve corporate performance. Read more
Energy efficiency technology for power generators and wind turbines. Read more
Founded by radiation oncologists, PFS Genomics was created to address a major clinical need: identity which women with early-stage invasive breast cancer truly need radiation therapy. Read more
Simplifying the comparison and purchase of life insurance products. Read more
Officium is an automated accounting system founded in Québec City whose mission is to free entrepreneurs from all accounting tasks in order to bring them better personal and financial health. The pleasure of accessing the advantages of an accountant at the price of software. Read more
Livsta creates online financial solutions for builders. It offers the right insurance and investment products for everyone, at the right price, among those offered by all financial institutions. Read more
At Nalula, we strive to bring transparency to the real estate industry - exposing essential data and current market conditions - so you can make an educated buying or selling decision. Read more
PlanoOmatic is the biggest, fastest provider of property insights, 3D tours, photography and floor plans for real estate nationwide. Read more
The platform at the core of a hotel’s technology network including Wi-Fi, television and telephony. By grouping essential technology services, helps hotels to reduce their costs for accessing their customers’ data and find new tools to better serve their clients. Read more
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