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Worldpackers lets you travel the world exchanging your skills for accommodation. Hosts receive enthusiastic people helping them out for free, and travelers use their talents to travel and learn languages. Starting with hostels and young language learners, Worldpackers is a win-win marketplace reuniting the travel community and affiliates. You don't need to be rich to have real travel experiences. We started with 280 hostels in 85 countries where you exchange some hours of an easy work for accommodation. We got almost 2,600 sign ups (in a very boring form) and 22 people are already traveling. The traveler, instead of paying hundreds of dollars in hotels or Airbnb, pays us U$150 and have hundreds of opportunities worldwide Worldpackers will be the improved combination of Couchsurfing + AirBnB + services = people will travel using their skills, matching with the needs of the host. Every house is a potential host and every human is a potential traveler.
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