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At Who's On My Wifi, we're interested in solving one problem as perfectly as it can be solved. If someone you didn't know was on your wired or wireless network right now, would you know about it? What about last week? Was someone on there last week? Do you know? We've built an active scanning solution, that is constantly monitoring a computer network for hardware intruders. If our software finds a device it doesn't know, it alerts the owner, and gives them options for immediately blocking the intruder while you can take the time to more permanently fix the problem. We focus on Tech Consumers and Small to Medium Businesses, and really bringing some of the power of Enterprise level Network Access Control solutions to the masses. We currently offer a Free Windows desktop scanning agent that connects back to our Monthly Amazon cloud system. We are also actively building scanning agents that work on Open Source Firewalls, Android, Linux, and iOS.
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