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Introducing the Series Panel Cooling Module,or SPCM., our patented thermoelectric/photovoltaic hybrid electrical production system. The SPCM uses light and heat from the sun to produce electrity. The SPCM can be configured to produce DC electrical voltage (same as a solar panel) or can produce AC voltage (same as a solar panel with inverter). The SPCM is excellent for built-in recharging applications. Our generation 1 SPCM is configured to be used similar to a solar panel as a power supply. Why a solar~thermoelectric hybrid? Because even with solar panel efficiencies on the climb, a combined thermoelectric/photovoltaic hybrid is the best solution...and only becoming better as efficiencies improve. Our first edition SPCM produces 10 amps of electricity from the surface area of a 10 watt solar panel, while at the same time is configured to maintain a lower solar panel / cell surface temperature and is configurable for built-in charging applications.
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