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ART21 is a boutique innovation house delivering AgriFood Tech solutions that shape the future of agriculture, food and associated sectors. Read more
OXON - single platform to communicate and track customers throughout their lifecycle. Software is used for all business communication. Read more
Drivitty develops solutions connecting fuel stations, fuel card issuers, vehicle service providers, telematics, drivers and fleet managers into a seamlessly running data flow process. Read more
AgriFood Lithuania is a Digital Innovation Hub that brings together major research, business and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common pursuit of digital transformations in the agriculture, food and associated sectors. Read more
Debunk EU, VsI, is a Lithuania-born independent technology think tank and non-governmental organization that researches disinformation and runs educational media literacy campaigns. Read more
GPS Mania provides a platform for finding the best possible solution for GPS tracking and Transport Telematics projects. Read more
BTT Cloud is a Lithuanian capital IT services company that has been operating successfully for more than a decade, implementing complex cloud computing and IT infrastructure solutions for customers in Lithuania and around the world. Read more
Track-POD is an All-in-One Last-Mile Delivery Software ft AI in the Cloud, one of the best Delivery Management Platforms, that helps manage your business effectively and without unnecessary hassle. Read more
VSight, industrial augmented reality software platform, helps enterprises to transform workforce into intelligent workforce and increase productivity by integrating wearable and mobile software into the enterprise workflow. Read more
Revolutionize customer experience with Wanna AR solutions Read more
Poklet is an efficient and handy app to support parents educating their children about money management – setting them up for a good financial start in life. Read more
It's not about changing your vendors. It's about being able to if you want to. CAST AI enables seamless, real-time migration between cloud providers. Read more
8devices is a company engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of unique design and functionality electronic equipment. Read more
Focus is development and marketing of infusion pumps worldwide while ensuring enhanced patient safety. During product development we closely cooperate with clinical professionals. Read more
At PayRay we saw the difficulties many developing businesses faced when trying to access traditional financing and working capital, so we set out to change things Read more
Discontract is a real-time task exchange platform where its participants buy/sell services conducting local physical short-term tasks. Read more
AdTech SaaS for Brick and Mortar Retail Read more
Razzby relieves the pains for event organizers by automating and simplifying the essential customer-facing processes. Read more
Go Ramp is an innovative Transportation Management System intended to manage and optimize the logistics processes. Read more
Mindletic App guides your employees through different techniques designed to cope with burnout, anxiety or stress. Read more
Viezo develops Vibration Energy Harvesting Powered IoT Sensors, an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to Lithium – Ion powered IoT sensors Read more
Eneba games is a video game marketplace where gaming enthusiasts can easily and quickly buy and sell their digital game keys without the risk of fraud.  Read more
A unique marketplace to invest in mortgage loans to help businesses in farming, forestry and infrastructure. Read more
SaaS based marketplace and business management system provides an opportunity to purchase used car parts Read more
Infrastructure and compliance that enables other financial institutions and fintechs to work with digital assets Read more
Pioneering the technologies for generative protein design at the intersection of synthetic biology and AI Read more
With BOOMMIO digital customer engagement & acquisition platform you can easily: Increase product sales,Build brand awareness,Attract new customers. Read more is always your bank. And not just because “mano” in Lithuanian means “mine”. We became the first specialised bank in the EU in January 2019. We’re young and we’re growing, so we get you. Easy access to financing tools, unlimited SEPA payments and minimum paperwork. Read more
Rental Properties Investment Platform Read more
NanoAvionics is a small satellite mission integrator focused on delivering new generation satellite buses and propulsion systems for the satellite applications market. Read more
BetGames.TV is a producer of LIVE interactive, simple and attractive betting games for gambling industry operators Read more
Hostens is a division of the company ‘Interneto vizija’ which was founded in 2003 and has quickly grown to serve more than 100,000 clients across Europe. Thanks to our loyal customers and their referrals, we had become the largest web hosting provider in Lithuania by 2005. Read more is a cloud-hosted ad tracking&conversion attribution solution to help consolidate ad data across all channels and solve the issue of delayed and inaccurate decisions, resulting in waste of time, money and opportunities. Track. Control. Manage. Automate your ads Read more
DSBC Financial Europe became the trusted choice in terms of SEPA and SWIFT Transfer for individuals and businesses around Europe and over the globe with digital payments and remittance. Customers can use Payment Mastercards for business and personal transactions. Read more
All-electric inverse leaning trike Read more
Inbalance grid which is developing smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for business and network operators. Read more
Intelligent UAV Systems for Aerial Diagnostics Services Read more
Aimera is an open platform which help companies activate existing customers. Read more
Empowering creators to perfect their work by freeing their minds from repetitiveness. Read more
Time saving tools for daily business tasks Read more
Houseys is a short-term rent and revenue management company aimed at real estate owners. Read more
Aichom is a solution created for people and their families who are fighting Alzheimers disease Read more
PomoDone App is an easiest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique Read more
Oxipit research team consists of Kaggle-winning experienced deep learning engineers and radiologists. Read more
GOSU Data Lab is a company focused on gaming data and AI. Read more
GoRamp is an Innovative platform for helping logistics heads and managers manage all transportation orders in one cloud service. Read more
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